What is Daridrya Yoga?

Categories : Astrology

Daridrya yogas, strictly speaking, lead to penury and suffering. In the presence of a weak and afflicted Lagna or Lagna lord, these yogas lead to ill-health. There is thus an overlap of Arishta yogas and Daridrya yogas. Some of the Daridrya yogas as described in the classics are defined below.

a) All planets either debilitated or in inimical houses in the Navamsha chart, even though they are exalted in the Rashi chart, produce a native who lives by begging, serving the base and the low, and indulging in wicked deeds.

b) Planets which associate with the sixth, the eighth and the twelfth lords, as also with marakas (lords of houses second and seventh), bereft of the influence of the fifth and the ninth lords, produce intense misery (during their dasha periods).

c) Lagna lord in the twelfth house and the twelfth lord in the Lagna, and the influence of marakas on either or both of them.

d) Lagna lord in the sixth house and the sixth lord in the Lagna, under the influence of marakas.

e) Lagna or the Moon afflicted by Ketu, and the Lagna lord in the eighth house afflicted by a maraka.


According to one interpretation, it is the Moon in Lagna afflicted by Ketu etc.

f) Lord of the Lagna associated with a Trika house, and the lord of the second house debilitated or in the sixth house. Under such a yoga, one born to a royal family also attains to poverty.

g) Lord of the Lagna associated with a Trika lord or with Saturn, unaspected by benefics.

h) Fifth Lord in the sixth house and the ninth lord in the twelfth house, under the influence of marakas.

i) Malefics, other than the ninth and the tenth lords, occupying the Lagna under the influence of maraka planets.

j) Location of malefics in benefic houses and of benefics in malefic houses.

k) The Navamsha lord of the Moon is associated with a maraka planet or located in a maraka house.


The Navamsha lord of the Moon is the lord of the sign-in which the Moon is located in the Navamsha chart.

l) The lord of the Lagna or the lord of the Navamsha Lagna is located in one of the Trika houses, and aspected by or associated with a maraka.

m) Mars and Saturn located in the second house destroyed wealth.


– If Mercury aspects this combination, the native is very wealthy.

– According to the Laghu Parashari, it is the Moon-Mars conjunction in the second house that leads to penury: Saturn in the second house aspected by Mercury is supposed to ensure prosperity.

n) The Sun in the second house aspected by Saturn.


If Saturn does not aspect the Sun in the second house, the native is wealthy.

o) The Sun and the Moon conjoined in one sign, and are located in the Navamsha of each other.


This means that the Sun and the Moon should be in the same sign; at the same time, in the Navamsha chart, the Sun should occupy the sign Karka and the Moon should occupy Simha. In other words, the Moon should have moved just ahead of the Sun. This coincides with the first day of the Shukla paksha. This combination cannot arise if the Sun and the Moon join in the signs Mithuna, Tula and Kumbha which do not happen to contain the Navamshas of the Sun and the Moon.