The Power in the Fist Blow (Mukka) of Hanumanji

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If the character of Hanuman is withdrawn from Ramayan, it will lose most of its charm. The character of Hanuman as portrayed by Valmiki makes the Ramayan lively and complete. He has been exhibited as the most ardent devotee as well as a tireless worker for his lord Ram. He is a great warrior too but does not wield an arm. He is usually shown with a mace but there are few occasions in Ramayan when he is seen fighting with mace. He uses sheer physical power to kill his adversaries. He also extensively used large trees, huge stones and even small hills for smashing the Raksha army of Ravan in Lanka.

Tulsidas in Ram Charita Manas and Hanuman Chalisa describes him as “Atulit Baldhama” (abode of incomparable strength) or rather a storehouse of power from which his devotees can find some share. Therefore, he is a natural god for Akharas (wrestling training grounds). However, his most powerful weapon is his Mushtika or Mukka (fist blow) which has been described by both Valmiki and Tulsidas.

Mukkebaji (Boxing) is a multimillion-dollar industry today. However, this boxing competition is done with boxing gloves. What we find in Ramayan is the use of “Vajra Musti” (blow of fist like a thunderbolt) on at least four occasions and the sufferers were considered to be the bravest of the braves like Meghanad, Kumbhakarna, Ravan etc.

Mukka is indeed a powerful weapon always available to an armless person. The five fingers of the palm are said to represent the powers of the Pancha Mahabhut and are the representatives of the five organs of sense.

  • The thumb represents the Agni Tatva (fire).
  • The index finger represents the Vayu Tatva (Air).
  • The middle finger represents the Akash Tatva (Ether).
  • The Ring finger stands for Jal Tatva (Water).
  • The Little finger stands for Prithvi Tatva (Earth).

If the combined power of Pancha-Mahabhut becomes a Mushti (Mukka) the blow becomes powerful several folds if the individual exercising this power has total control of sense organs and is a bal-brahmachari. Hanuman is the same type of abode of power whose Mukka teaches lessons to those who receive the blow.

Four occasions have been described in Ramayana during which he utilizes his Vajra Mukka.

  • The first occasion was his encounter with Lankini when he reached Lanka after crossing the sea. Lankini was the presiding deity of Lanka whose primary job was to stop unauthorized entry into Ravan’s Kingdom. Although Hanuman was in his smallest form, Lankini caught him trespassing like a thief and addressed him like a thief. Hanuman had no alternative but to use his Mukka after which Lankini fell unconscious. Mukka was not lethal. She regained consciousness and remembered the words of Brahma who had warmed her about the impending bad days coming for Lanka. She blessed Hanuman to succeed in his mission.
  • The second occasion was the episode of Ashok Vatika’s ruination. Ravan’s son Akshakumar had already been killed by Hanuman. Meghanad came to arrest him but he too tasted the blow of Vajramushti after which he lost consciousness for a moment. However, he could not forget the power of Hanuman’s Mukka and during the main battle when Lakshman was fighting with Meghanad, Hanuman jumped in the middle of the two warriors. Meghanad carefully kept himself out of the reach of Hanuman’s possible Mukka.
  • The third occasion for using Vajramusti by Hanuman was when Kumbhakarna arrived on the battlefield. He had become a terror for the Vanar army of Ram. The first Hanuman Mukka staggered Kumbhakaran. The second Mukka was sufficient to make him unconscious. However, he was later killed by Ram.
  • The fourth occasion came when Ravan himself arrived at the scene. Both of them challenged each other. In Valmiki Ramayan, the composer describes the challenge by Hanuman in the following words.

“Esha Mey Dakshino Vahuh

Pancha Shakhah Samudyatah

Vidhamisyati Tey Dehe

Bhutatmanam Chiroshitam”

(My right hand with five fingers is in a raised posture sufficient to drive life out from your body which is residing in yourself for a long time).

The first blow was administered by Ravan which staggered Hanuman. The first blow from Hanuman also completely staggered Ravan who openly admired the power of Hanuman and declared Hanuman a comparable warrior.

The exchange of Mukka with Ravan occurred for the second time when Lakshman became unconscious due to the use of Brahmashtra by Ravan. Ravan attempted to lift Lakshman and carry him away but Hanuman jumped in at the right moment. His Vajramushti was almost lethal this time. Ravan staggered and fell unconscious on his chariot. Hanuman lifted Lakshman and carried him away who regained consciousness late on.


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