Understanding Career Prospects as per signs (rashis)

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A person in whose horoscope a Rashi is strong would have a profession signified by that Rashi. Any sign that has the support of its lord is strong. The support could be placement or aspect to that house. Benefics in or aspecting a sign also make it strong. A sign having benefics on either side of it also gains strength. Career prospects as per signs have been discussed below:


Aries may make great and compassionate leaders. They are compassionate and have a genuine concern for the people who work with them. However, they fail miserably if they have to follow others. However, one major drawback of Aries is that they are very impatient.

Aries are quite energetic and willing to work long hours to complete a project. Aries have good organizational skills, and they do not like any sort of clutter in their environment. However, negatively their being too focused solely on goals can appear selfish to other people.

Aries people are creative and ambitious, there is nothing Aries cannot accomplish in life. They just need to find themselves the correct motivation and focus. They have a knack for crisis management; they can be the best people to be trusted in crisis situations. They can become incredible managers and leaders.

They are suited for jobs requiring exploration and courage and do well as soldiers, policemen, army workers, scientists, engineers, dentists, surgeons and mechanics. Since Aries rules the head, as surgeons they exhibit skill in brain surgery. If Mercury and Jupiter are strongly disposed, the native emerges as a powerful, journalist or lawyer-fighting for a cause. Venus strong makes the Aries native a dashing executive or salesman. Mars strong gives industrial workers, hunters, explorers and officers of the law. If the Sun were strong, the native would be an industrialist, politician or owner of a timber yard or lumberyard. Saturn and Aries strong would give trade unionists.


Taurus natives are reliable workers and dependable people. They like to have a stable career. Therefore, they don’t love to change their jobs that frequently. They generally remain loyal to their employers longer than any other person would do. Taurus makes an excellent employee as they can endure even the hard times of the employer and will always stand by them.

Taurus natives are rational and practical people. They can be relied upon with respect to finances and profits. However, Taurus needs motivations to stick around like good appraisals, financial raises and bonuses. Taurus does well in the field of economics, construction, banking as well as in agriculture. Some Taurians may be extremely talented and they make their name in the areas of performing arts.

Person with this sign strong is practical people with dogged determination and perseverance. Since it is the second sign of the zodiac, bankers, cashiers, capitalists. Financiers and moneylenders are indicated. Cosmetics, Jewellery, articles of fashion come under this sign. Taurus strong natives make good advertising and publicity agents. They can be good throat specialists and singers. Venus strong would give singers. Mercury-Moon-Venus would give composers, acousticians and auditions experts. Mars and Moon refer to agriculturists.


Gemini natives are of innovative, creative, and childish nature. They always bring in new ideas to any team. They are excellent communicators they are also able to convince other people about their plans and ideas. Their mind is clear and they are rational in approach. When they get properly motivated and supported, they are loyal to the work they do, its benefits and financial gains. Therefore, they are real assets to the organization they work for. They need their environment to be open and liberal enough so that they can build their own professional space. They hate working in too many restraints. Using their social contacts can get them far, and they blossom in trade, research or exploration of any kind.

Gemini natives are excellent communicators. They know to use the right word at the right place this quality of them can help them become a good writer or a journalist if they try for a career or profession in these lines. They can also become good speakers or master orators. Gemini natives are also good at performing arts they can become good actors, singers or the like. They can also be successful in lines of accountancy or finance.

If Mercury were predominant, fiction-writers and Jupiter strong would give poetic abilities. If Mercury and Jupiter were involved, there would be serious writing history, biographies, essays: Mercury, Mars and Jupiter with Gemini give proficiency in feature writing, news reporting and editing.


Cancer people suffer from inner fear that makes them avoid taking enough responsibility. They try to build a stable career path for themselves and their family. Cancer natives are typical family type people they generally don’t work for career goals for the goals towards their family. Cancer natives love spending time with children and loved ones. However, being aware of the financial needs of the family they work to ensure family safety and security first.

They don’t love to make many job changes. They are happy to work in one organization for a long duration of time. They are responsible and extremely hard work and try to remain in the good books of the management or their employers so that they are able to stick to one job for a long time.

Cancer strong in a chart indicates biology, botany, zoology, marine life, zoo keeping, dairy-farming, beekeeping and trade in honey, fish etc. Such natives make good housekeepers and can therefore work as matrons, housewives, hotel superintendents, and similar jobs. They also make kind nurses and gentle doctors. Since Cancer is a domestic sign, if the Moon, Venus and Mars are involved success is likely in hotel running, snack, bars, bakery and confectionery business, ice-cream parlours etc. If Cancer is afflicted, then the person will have a vocation connected with wines and breweries. They make good laundrymen and sailors since Cancer is a watery sign. If Saturn, Mercury or Jupiter is involved, the native tends to be good at archaeology history, museum-work, and teaching. The Moon and Jupiter would give teachers, social workers and institutional workers. The Sun in Cancer with Moon and Jupiter give philanthropists. 


Leo is a bundle of energies. With that energy by their side, they will always strive to achieve greatness. Their success though depends on their upbringing and the lessons they have learned at home. Yet, generally, they are natural-born leaders and will achieve success and greatness in whatever they do with focus. If they are able to strike the right balance with respect to relationships with seniors and subordinates their leadership skills can help them achieve much success. There need to have a fine and luxurious life that will push them to work hard and achieve whatever they desire. Hence, their pursuits will generally make them achieve much success.

Leo being a utopian royal sign, Leo-strong natives fare well in jobs of authority and power. They make good executives, administrators and generally do well as the boss. They are fitted for jobs in administrative cadres and work well in the stock exchange, investment business, jewellery and gold, circus training, as forest officers, film and drama directors, foremen. Leo has a special propensity for the doctoring line, drugs and chemicals. The Sun and Mars predominant give political leaders and workers while the Sun and Venus give ambassadors, diplomats and Foreign Service requiring polish and sophistication.


Virgo is analytical and hardworking. They have the natural-born ability to see where problems lie and fix them at their core. They can make great programmers, healers, analysts, accountants. But, at the same time fail to see their own value. It may also be a lack of motivation to strive for greatness and build a career, which they could build with their set of skills. When they choose a job, they love and find the path that is supported by their surroundings, they do not take exemplary steps. Virgos can easily reach leading positions as they are aware of their limitations. They are intelligent and have the ability to communicate with all sorts of people.

Virgo natives have an eye for detail. They make good teachers, manicurists, retail shop keepers, bus drivers, clerks, receptionists, secretaries, postal employees, bus drivers and conductors, bookbinder, stenographers, interpreters, translators, librarians, radio and televisions announcers, paper dealers, hard writing and fingerprint experts, notaries public, computer operators, writers, editors, reporters physiologist and psychiatrists, healers, doctors, explorers, detectives. They do well in jobs requiring intelligence and efficiency. Mercury and Virgo indicate give bookkeepers, statisticians, cashiers, and bank clerks. Saturn related to Virgo indicates typist, museum, curators and bookkeepers while the Sun has to do with editors, tax officers and chartered accountants. Venus governs filing clerks, sales girls or salesmen and librarians.


Depending on their self-esteem, Libra can either reach incredible heights or lose their position and may have trouble advancing on their career front. For most Librans career is very important they would love to rise and attain an image that they want others to see. However, this is not a good enough reason to keep them satisfied. They really need to find a job or work that they love to do to help them get the right kind of motivation. They shouldn’t choose their career in haste.

Libra being the sign of the balance, natives with this sign strong to make good management consultants, lawyers, judges, solicitors, logicians and officers of law, diplomats and public relations officers since it is ruled by Venus, it gives singers, actors, beauticians, hairdressers, fashion-models, interior decorators and furniture-makers, perfume manufacturers, social workers, photographers, tea-shop and coffee-bar owners, snack and restaurant keepers and all similar trades, Venus powerful with Rahu and the Moon would give artists, sculptors, cinema artists and models. If Libra and Saturn and Venus figures in strength; cartoonists, cameramen, tailors, dress designers and makeup assistants would be the results. Mars, Rahu, Venus make the native work in cabaret shows, gambling casinos and similar haunts of sin and pleasure.


Scorpio natives are generally resourceful, determined, focused, professional, and often excels in their path if they follow their talents and true motivation. If they unknowingly choose a job that does not suit their creativity, they can get depressed or may even fall ill. Therefore, Scorpio natives should take time in choosing the right job which suits their interest, calibre and which can use their inherent creativity utmost. They shouldn’t be swayed away by decisions or people around them.

Scorpios should stay away from debts or from all shady activities as their inherent nature can sway them on the wrong path, where karma may be waiting to punish them. They should start their work on clean conscience and should always try to follow the direction given by it. They should keenly work for jobs that motivate, excite, makes them curious, makes them confident and proud. Only such a career path can give them long-term happiness and fulfilment.

Being a mystic sign, Scorpio produces mystics, philosophers, astrologers and occultists. Being secretive, detectives and clever criminals also come under this sign, nurses, chemists, doctors, explorers, geographers, barbers, dentists, mechanics, men of the armed and police force, navigators, coffin-makers, undertakers, life-insurance agents and business and embalmers come under this sign. If Mars is strong, then railway and tram workers, police and army personnel, home guards, telephone operators and telegraphers and indicated. The Moon and Scorpio would give pearl divers, dealers in seafood’s corals, poisons, drugs and chemicals. The Sun strong would indicate an executive job in these callings.


When a Sagittarius native understands his true direction in his life, they will make the right efforts to achieve the greatest things on the professional front. However, if they are not able to choose their career path correctly their lack of satisfaction may soak their energies and they may be frustrated and tense most often. If such a situation arises for Sagittarius it will be prudent to reassess the situation leave everything back and have a restart. Sagittarius people are not very comfortable if they get stuck in a job that appears boring to them. They will also start getting frustrated when he is forced to stay at one place for a long unless there is the possibility to discover and learn. However, as a team member Sagittarius are a most useful asset to any company as they would easily give everything, they have to help others. However, a late understanding can dawn that they have been used by others for their personal growth.

Sagittarius natives are bold and practical. They do well in sports, horse training, as jockeys, stewards, preachers, freedom fighters, advocates for any cause, organizers, financiers, gamblers, leather dealers, and experts, shoe and footwear makers or dealers. Jupiter and Mercury strong would give rise to teachers, religious reformers, and theologians. Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter would indicate lawyers, judges, magistrates and philosophers.


Capricorn is ambitious and is always aware of the consequences of their actions because of this Capricorn often reach high positions. However, their success would also depend on the grooming or education they receive at their grooming stage. Yet, they will always show initiative and reliability wherever it matters. This helps them to easily win the confidence of their employers. However, at times the pace of work Capricorns may not be up to the mark. Capricorns are ambitious, determined, disciplined and committed to their job for as long as their sense of justice is not disturbed. These acts of commitment, focus and perseverance help them achieve great heights with respect to careers.

This sign makes natives hard working and able. Agriculture, mining, forest products, farming, horticulture, mineralogy and geology, suit such natives well. They have great organizing capacities and make good conveners and secretaries. Executive and political posts requiring patience and plodding come under Capricorn. Saturn strong makes for bankers, merchants and agriculturists. Mars makes mineralogists, geologists and forest officers.


The imaginative power and speed of execution of work make Aquarius have an edge over others in work. Not, everyone can manage and work as efficiently as they. Creative ideas will make all assignments seem like a game for them which they are able to tackle easily. However, if they are stuck at a job that gives them no satisfaction, or is below their mental needs, this can turn into torture for both them and their employers.

They need constant motivation and changes, as well as new technologies and equipment to help them shine in their work. They are mostly unpredictable and strange this makes them a misfit into their team at work. However, their social and eloquent nature will generally resolve problems quickly. Their intelligence and efficiency are real assets that no team or company would like to lose easily.

Natives with Aquarius strong in the chart are usually advisers of some sort technical, legal, social or just friendly. All innovative and unusual calling come under this sign. Workers in electricity, atomic powers, and computer technology come under Aquarius. Such natives are ingenious and become inventors if Mercury is strong. They make good astrologers, telepathists and hypnotists. Neurologists, ‘X’-ray workers and dealers in medical appliances come under this sign. They can succeed in nature-cure therapy. Aquarius strong produces great philosophers also.


Pisces cannot be considered to be too good for managing paperwork. However, they can bring in fresh ideas and creativity in any team, project or company. Pisceans do good in any artistic career and are great employees, especially in the healthcare industry. They are caring and very compassionate, they don’t care much about the money they earn. However, they would like to devote their lives to a good mission. If they get stuck in a job which they don’t like they can become unreliable and depressed. They may even quit the job to bring peace to their heart. Pisces is considered to be a very mature sign. They can give good advice to people. They can become good teachers, spiritual gurus and also philanthropists. Doctors, surgeons, nurses, monks, jailors, and prison-workers, sanatorium workers, convent-runners come under this sign. Work requiring imagination like film making, scriptwriting, composing, choreography, social work, work in orphanages, museums, libraries, clubs and similar bodies and group activity comes easily to natives with strong Pisces. They make good musicians, inspired poets and occult writers, travel agents, petrol and oil dealers, sea-produce dealers, owners of amusement centres, anaesthetists, coast guards, private investigators and spirit mediums. Venus strong produces painters and actors.