Transit the Celestial Delivery Boy

Categories : Astrology

It is a common understanding that good or bad promises of the horoscope have to be fructify in the life of the native. There are two important ways karma gets triggered in the native’s life. The running dasa triggers karma as dasa is nothing but the unfolding of karma. But, the promises of the horoscope and the dasa needs someone to deliver the same result to the native. Transit is actually the delivery agent whose role is to deliver the karma phal as depicted in the horoscope and which has been triggered by the dasa. It also means if planetary promises are good and dasa is good, transits deliver good results. If the planetary promise is bad and dasa is also bad, transits deliver bad results. Therefore, transits have nothing to be blamed for.

Planets generally have three kinds of movement. First is “Sama” (normal) in that the planet moves at a normal pace. This kind of movement of planets can cause fructification of results. However, things can fructify with patience during this period. The second type of movement is called “Atichari” in which the planet apparently moves faster. This transit can cause fast fructification of results. Sometimes the result is altogether missed because the planet seems to be in a hurry. People also seem to be in a hurry when planets are “Atichari”. The third kind of planetary movement is called “Vakri” (Retrograde). When planets are retrograde there may be delays, frustrations and reversals of issues. When we discuss planetary transits, it is always good to see how the planet is moving.