Results during the Mahadasa of the Ketu

Categories : Astrology

The exaltation sign of Ketu is Scorpio and the debilitation sign of Ketu is Taurus. Some texts consider the exaltation sign of Ketu as Sagittarius and the debilitation sign for Ketu as Gemini. Own sign of Ketu is Scorpio. Some have reckoned Pisces signs as well. We can expect the following results during the Mahadasa of the Ketu.

If Ketu is posited in the Angles (Kendras) the eleventh house, Trines, (Trikonas), in benefic signs duly aspected by benefic Vargas (divisions), seeking of kings’ affection, administrator of the country or village, the possibility of the pleasure of conveyance and children, happiness from the travelling of the country and foreign land be indicative. In this Ketu’s dasa, the native will have the pleasure of his wife and children and gains of cattle, Ketu being in the third, the sixth, the eleventh house will give happiness in its dasa and the native gains from the king, affection of friends and pleasure of owning elephant, horses etc. (conveyance). The beginning of the dasa brings kingship, in the middle of the dasa, a feeling of intense fear and towards the end of the dasa, travelling to far-flung countries and fear of ailments is felt. Ketu conjunct with or aspected by the malefic planets while posited in the second, the eighth or the twelfth house brings about the severance of relationship with co-born, relatives, etc., and destruction of the property (land), anguish, company of inferiors, the eruption of diseases etc.

Ketu dasa is considered to be like Mars dasa. If Ketu is well placed in Kendra or Trikona with the lord of Kendra and Trikona. The native may be blessed with a career, health and studies. However, if Ketu is wrongly placed in the sixth house, the eighth house and the twelfth house it can cause various problems in life be it with respect to health, wealth and well as career. Normally, Ketu dasa is more challenging than Rahu dasa. Rahu dasa can give boons on the material front because of its material orientation, but Ketu can take the person away from material life as the focus of Ketu is more on the spiritual side of the native.

The native may have feelings of loss, sadness, detachment and helplessness. Ketu dasa can give mental fatigue and drain the person of his energies and make the native look quite helpless. This generally triggers spirituality in the life of the native. Ketu Mahadasa is the period of life where the native is tested quite often. The native is taught the new lessons of life. However, if the placement of Ketu is in benefic houses in association with good planets the Mahadasa result won’t be very bad. However, Ketu is not good if associated with the Sun and Moon. It can also give bad results if placed with Saturn and Mars. However, benefic associations like Mercury, Jupiter and Venus can give better results.

The native should take care of personal safety if Ketu is adversely placed in the sixth house, the eighth house and the twelfth house. The sixth house placement of Ketu can give incurable disease during its dasa. The eighth house placement of Ketu can give chronic illness or longevity-related issues. Ketu in the twelfth house helps in foreign travel. However, if Ketu is afflicted in the twelfth house the native may have to face issues in a foreign land. In the third and the eleventh house, Ketu is generally considered good. However, it may bereave the native of the happiness of siblings. If Ketu is placed in the ninth house it can give travelling and may make the native gain from foreign as well as foreigners. In other houses, the dasa result depends on the influences which are there on Ketu. In benefic associations, the dasa result would be good generally. In malefic associations, the significance of the house in which Ketu is posited may get weak and the native may have to suffer during that dasa.

Ketu is the planet associated with wisdom. If the native is able to exercise his wisdom properly and learn the lessons which Ketu wants to teach the suffering of the native would reduce. The native can also gain from the dasa. Ketu triggers higher learning and is often associated with spiritual knowledge. If Ketu Mahadasa is going to start in your life it is important to welcome it with open arms and be a patient learner. The outcome of the dasa is good if we are able to see life from a larger perspective.