How do Planets influence our Career Prospects?

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To understand the career prospects of a native it is important to note that the profession would depend on the Navamsa occupied by the tenth house in the natal chart. Varahmihir has also emphasized that career should be reckoned from the tenth house from the Ascendant or the Moon or the Sun whichever of the three is stronger. Shri Hardeo Sharma Trivedi called the lord of the Navamsa where the tenth lord of the natal chart was placed as the key planet.

Col. A. K. Gour who has been my teacher in Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan in his book Astrology of Professions has given a list of professions which is signified by the nine planets.

The Sun:

The Sun indicates those in authority, rulers, dignitaries, government, goldsmith, jewellers, financiers, and occupation involving children, circus-trainers, theatre-owners and managers.

The Moon:

The Moon governs travelling and all travelling requisites, sailors, nurses, liquor dealers, laundry owners, gardeners, confectioners and bakers, housekeepers, dairy owners, obstetricians, healing plants (herbal products), catering, eating places, waiters, fishermen, fisheries and fish farmers.


Mars signifies firemen, metallurgists, armament factories, machine tools, soldiers, police, surgeons, dentists, barbers, cooks, hardware goods, locksmiths, boxes, butchers, chemists and druggists.


Mercury rules documentation and recording and all jobs connected with any work, teaching, writing, clerks, accountants, book-keepers, postal men, bus drivers and train employees, architects, correspondents, stenographers, interpreters, messengers, reporters, radio and other communication media, stationeries, printing and telephone operators.


Jupiter rules counsellors, lawyers, lecturers, publishers, writers, astrologers, travel agents, priests and temple trustees and officials, cashiers, philosophers, litterateurs, grocers and tobacconists.


Venus refers to poets, artists, cinema artists, dancers, singers, musicians, instrumentalists, hat and dress dealers and makers, silks and expensive textiles, perfumeries, cosmeticians, beauticians, entertainers of all kinds, dealers in furnishings, furniture makers, coffee planters, tea estate owners, fancy articles, ladies article objects of art and fashion, social secretaries, photography, engravers, cartoonists, flower sellers, embroiderers, scent makers, makeup artists, beauty parlours, hairstylists.


Saturn indicates miners, coal and fuel dealers of every kind, petrol, real estate business, craftsmen, plumbers, architects, cemetery, excavators, building contractors, leather goods, hides, ice-making, timepieces, coffin and tomb makers, farm and factory labour, watchmen, undertakers, priests, monks, nuns, eunuchs, and philosophers.


Rahu governs space, pilots, aviation, radio, TV, wireless, telephone, electricity, poison, drugs, diplomacy, air hostesses, management experts, event managers, travel and tourism operators.


Ketu indicates secret missions or services, tricky jobs, occultists, foreign languages, computers, engineers, ashram workers.