Renu Mishra
Lucknow, India

The predictions given by Mr. Anand Brijmohan about my brother were so accurate and precise that I was amazed. I have never imagined that anybody can tell about all the life events of past, present and future so accurately by knowing only the birth details. The descriptions about the nature and the behaviour of the said person were also astonishing. Anand, you are doing great job. Keep it up. My best wishes.

Sunil Ahi

Respected Anand Sagar Pathak, I had consulted you a few months back on my career problems and progress this year. Your predictions were absolutely correct. I most respectfully thank you and seek your blessings. I will seek your guidance in future also. Thank you once again.

NVS Prakasam

I think I have lots of blessings of God, otherwise I would not enter your site. Your articles are very very nice. I am in awe of reading them. I will try to contact you soon.

Animesh Banerji
Saudi Arabia

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Now I am sure that your services are far better and professional than many of the reputed and so called famous websites in the same field. Whenever I am in need of guidance, I will avail services only from you. Thank you very much once again.

Kirti Kiran

I am here to congratulate you on your very correct prediction about Salman Khan’s movie “VEER”. Your prediction was absolutely correct. Although I was praying “Ki Kaash Apka Prediction Galat Ho Jaaye par Aisa Nahin Hua”. You were absolutely right. “VEER” has done an average business only as you predicted. Very correct prediction.


I am very thankful Mr Anand Sagar Pathak for answering the specifics question I asked. Yes, efforts matter, I also believe stars always have effect on us. The answer you gave to my question came true and I liked your report a lot.


Thank you , I think there is a deeper meaning to all that you have said. Really appreciate you taking the time to explain this to me. I am a huge devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and it almost feels like he is teaching me something through this experience.

Saint John, NB, Canada

I had bad experiences with many astrologers in the past and I was not satisfied with them..Thanks for your reading..I am happy and satisfied..

Mike Papneja

You have provided very professional opinion on Raj Yoga in my horoscope. All in all, you all are making India proud by giving such a quality and prompt service to client from India.

Sharat Chandra

Further to my earlier mails, I am happy to inform you that by the grace of our beloved lord Sri Sai I have received an offer for a job at Bangalore .I have reported for work on Monday the 31st Oct. All this has happened suddenly and Sri Sainath has been very considerate on me in providing this opportunity so quickly. Iam sure with this incident my period of misery has come to an end and I would progress in my career. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and advice during my period of agony and look forward to your blessings and wishes.


Thank you for responding to my queries yesterday evening despite not receiving the order formally. I was very tired and frustrated over the recent happenings at work and may not sound very enthusiastic. However, your advice is very much appreciated.

Kanta Motwani

Although i don't write sometimes, is because my mind is too stressed out and in too much tension, but i dont think a week passes by in our lives that we do not mention you in our conversations. YOU HAVE BEEN A BLESSING TO US.

Mayank Narella

Your predictions about the problems in marital life are exactly true as per my earlier comments. Thank you again for providing such detailed and exact predictions. Your predictions have been very exact, insightful and like a protein-tonic for me!

Kartik Gor

Today was a very good day since it was Vasant Panchami and I did lot of Maa Saraswati pooja. I was also talking to BABA who gave me indications to make you my Jyotish guru. Will you accept me as you Shishya ?? I will be obliged if I can get your guidance from time to time so that I learn the art the right way.

North Carolina, USA

This is about our child. Just after the birth, he underwent surgery for his intestine as there was an obstruction in his intestine. He was operated at Duke Hospital in North Carolina, USA. He is doing fine now and resumed the normal functioning. We definitely believe in Guru Kripa and worship him. With HIS blessings, his surgery was successful and he has resumed normal functioning. Thanks for your advice