Feel the Grace of Guru in Your Life

The day of complete gravity, Gravity percolated through supreme fulfillment, the divine touch. A full stop to zeal of accumulation and anxieties associated with this race, bringing all unstable forces of life to naught. A silent and reassuring bliss, contentment and soothing calmness, loss of false ego and identifying with the oneness of supreme can be felt.

The conscience and the being (jeeva) - the bubble of life disappears in the depth of divine sublimation and contemplation that is called “Atimansik Chetna” advocated by Maharishi Arvind . The whole acquired truth becomes the spiritual asset. We travel through educating men to men and enhancing universal truth towards unknown costal values of Spiritual Ocean.

These sublime forces of truth towards the total truth of life no saturation or full stop getting the “Parmananda Urja” of guru. That is always omnipresent. We pray to God that the grace of Sai illuminates your life for all times to come.

Written by: Shri Brij Mohan Gupta
Dated: 8th September 2010

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