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You were born when Virgo was rising in the eastern horizon. Your Vedic Sun sign is Taurus. Your Moon sign is Aquarius. Your birth Nakshatra is Dhanishtha 4th pada.

You are running the operational dasa of Jupiter / Rahu from 12/12/2006 to 06/05/2009 followed by the dasa of Saturn / Saturn from 06/05/2009 to 09/05/2012.

Deliberating on your horoscope, relevant divisional chart and based on the detailed analysis of the running dasa and applicable transits I have the following opinion on your query.

Property Report for 5 years

Land and property is seen from the 4th house and the 4th lord. The influences on the 4th house and the 4th lord are relevant in judging the property prospects of the native.

What is the strength of the horoscope on Property front?

Your 4th lord is placed in the 6th house with 11th lord Moon. Technically, it means that there can be litigations / disputes with respect to property involving elder brother or sibling. The 6th lord of disputes (Saturn) aspects the 4th house and the 8th lord Mars also aspects the 4th house. Hence, there is possibility of property related disputes in your horoscope. Hence, you should take care while investing in property. Do not make any investment based on face value but upon proper investigation.

The transiting Jupiter is right now placed in the 4th house. Hence, it is a good period for buying property. However, because of the inherent promises in the horoscope you should buy property in your name and after proper investigations of the legal documents pertaining to property.

The effect of dasa on property prospects for next few years has been given below:

Jupiter / Rahu from 12/12/2006 to 06/05/2009:

The mutual placement of the dasa and the antardasa lord are in 4/10 axis. This placement indicates that you can make investment of property in a place outside the place of your birth. As you were born outside India you can invest in properties in India. The period right now is good to invest. But, you should make sure that all the deals you make are transparent and nothing has been concealed from you. The inherent promise in the horoscope suggests that you should always keep your eyes and ears open while investing in property.

Saturn / Saturn from 06/05/2009 to 09/05/2012

Saturn is placed in the 10th house. Being, the lord of the 6th house there can be some frustrations, delay in project and possession and loss on account of interest and opportunity during this period. However, this is also the right period to push your case. The chance of success against any disputes is very good during this period. Hence, this is the period when you should enforce your right. Worship of Lord Hanuman will give you the necessary fighting power.

Are Gains indicated from Property?

The grace of Guru and God will give you good property. There shall be gains from property as well. However, you should guard yourself and your property from malicious intentions of people around you.

What are the most conducive dashas for property gain for the native?

The time right now is good to buy property. However, there can be gains from property after May 2012.

What are the Enhancement/Betterment guidelines and remedies?

Your 4th lord is Jupiter hence worship of Lord Vishnu or Samarth Sadguru Shri Sai Nath of Shirdi will be good.

Saturn is the 5th and the 6th lord from the lagna. Mars also aspects the 4th house hence worship of Lord Hanuman will protect you and your property from wrong people.

Anand Sagar Pathak


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