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Om Sai Ram

Dear Customer,

You were born when Aries was rising in the eastern horizon your Vedic Sun sign is Gemini and your Moon sign is Leo. Your Sun sign as per the western system is Cancer. Your birth Nakshatra is Purva Phalguni 4th Pada.

You are running the operational dasa of Mars/Jupiter from 05/04/2004 to 11/04/2005. In your case Jupiter happens to be the Darakaraka in Jaimini system showing some involvement or love and romance in the current situation.

Love Prospects:

This combination is further strengthened because of the transit of Rahu / Ketu from the 1/7 axis.

However, as Rahu is changing its Rashi on 23rd February 2005 I do not see any success in the affair you are going through.

The conjunction of Mars/Saturn is not considered very good in the 6/12 axis this can create serious problems or enmity for the native.

As you will be under the influence of the dasa of Mars/Saturn from 11/042005 to 14/06/2005 onwards I would like to warn you that carrying on with this relationship may land you in trouble on account of enmity as well as problems from authorities.

Therefore, I advise you to get out of this mess you are creating around you. Jupiter being placed in your 7th house you will have arranged marriage and only such marriage will be successful in your case.

Anand Sagar Pathak

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