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Om Sai Ram

Dear Customer,

You were born when Capricorn was rising in the eastern horizon. Your Vedic Sun sign is Cancer. Your Moon sign is Aquarius. Your birth Nakshatra is Satabhisaj 1st pada.

You are running the operational dasa of Saturn / Venus from 23/04/2008 to 23/06/2011 followed by the operational dasa of Saturn / Sun from 23/06/2011.

Deliberating on your horoscope, relevant divisional chart and based on the detailed analysis of the running dasa and applicable transits I have the following opinion on your query.

Business and Investment Guidance

Business prospects are seen from the 3rd house and the 10th house. In your case the 3rd lord is Jupiter and 10th lord is Venus both planets are conjunct and placed together in 8th house, signifying that Business prospects will be good for the native in the long run. However, the 8th house placement brings in suddenness and ups and downs with respect to career or business.

Investments and finances are seen from the 2nd house (wealth), 5th house (speculation), 9th house (fortune and father), 11th house (gains) and 12th house expenses. Moon is placed in your 2nd house indicating that the native shall be financially well off (the liquidity position of the native shall be good). The 5th lord in your case is Venus that happens to be placed in the 8th house; this placement indicates that speculative investment might harm you in the long run.

The 9th house in your case is Mercury that happens to be placed in the 7th house indicating that you shall gain from your spouse (your spouse shall be earning and will be well off financially). Mars happens to be the 11th lord placed in the 7th house indicating that there shall be unexpected financial gains from your spouse.

The 12th lord in your case is Jupiter that happens to be placed in the 8th house hence it is important to club in unnecessary expenditure for financial surplus.

In Hora chart (D-2 chart) male planets viz Mars and Jupiter are placed in Moon’s hora signifying lack of proper and concentrated efforts to rise in life (initiative may be lacking for the individual). However, inheritance will be good for the native.

Dasa wise analysis of coming 1 year with respect to business, investment and finance.

Saturn / Venus / Moon from 30/12/2008 to 05/04/2009

Venus and Moon are mutually placed in 1/7 axis indicating that this is the period in your life where you should make efforts in the right direction. Moon is involved in Gaj Kesari yoga hence things will be positive during this period. Though, some liquidity and professional difficulty can be there because of bad transit of both Saturn and Rahu (Saturn from 7th house from Moon and 8th house from lagna) and Ketu over Sun. This is the period when you need to take care of your wife and your relationships.

Saturn / Venus / Mars from 05/04/2009 to 12/06/2009

Mars and Venus are mutually placed in 2/12 axis. Mars being placed in the 7th house there can be issues with respect to relationships during this period. Mars is debilitated and is also involved in Neech Bhanga rajya yoga. Hence, the beginning of this dasa can be bit tough. However, new opportunities and progress in dialogue with respect to new project or work will be there during this period. However, this can be the period when there can be some difference in opinion with your wife or there can be some family feud. Hence, you need to take care.

Saturn / Venus / Rahu from 12/06/2009 to 03/12/2009

Venus and Rahu are mutually placed in 3/8 axis. This is the period when you need to make an effort to grow in your life. However, Rahu being good in the 3rd house the efforts done during this period shall yield good results during this period. You can gain from foreign during this period. You will also gain from traveling. If you are planning to go for a pilgrimage this is an ideal time. This is the period to initiate, plan and make investment.


Considering the divisional chart you shall gain by offering water to rising Sun daily.

As you are running the Mahadasa of debilitated Saturn worship of Lord Hanuman or Shani Devta will enhance your luck.

Guru kripa has an important role to play in your life because of the aspect of Jupiter on natal Moon. Hence, worship of Shri Sai Nath of Shirdi will be good for you.

Anand Sagar Pathak


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