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Om Sai Ram

Dear Customer,

You were born when Capricorn was rising in the eastern horizon. Your Vedic Sun sign is Cancer. Your Moon sign is Aquarius. Your birth Nakshatra is Satabhisaj 1st pada.

You are running the operational dasa of Saturn / Venus from 23/04/2008 to 23/06/2011 followed by the operational dasa of Saturn / Sun from 23/06/2011 to 05/06/2012 then the operational dasa of Saturn / Moon from 05/06/2012 to 05/01/2014.

As per Jaimini astrology you are running the operational dasa of Cancer from 10/08/2006 to 10/08/2011.

Deliberating on your horoscope, relevant divisional charts and based on the detailed analysis of the running dasa and applicable transits I have the following opinion on your query.

Answer to Question No 1.

Saturn is debilitated as well as retrograde in the 4th house. Saturn is the running dasa lord. The running antardasa of Venus / Sun / Moon all is linked with income and professional growth hence you will progress in your endeavor.

As already discussed the line of consultancy will be good for you. The placement of Saturn in the 4th house does indicate that you can also gain from labour contracts. However, debilitation of Mars in the 7th house does not give lots of success in electric operated bikes or anything connected to electricity / electrical goods.

The conjunction of the 3rd and the 10th lord in the 8th house does indicate that business suits you more than employment in the long run. There shall be good earning in your business in times to come.

Though, the transit of Ketu from over your natal sun indicates that because of the issues in foreign or from foreigners there might be some tough moments in your business (because of the global melt down). The transits of Saturn and Ketu will improve by the end of the year 2009, thereafter your earning will improve and your confusions will ease out after that.

Answer to Question No 2.

You will be able to do very well in your life because of presence of good rajya yoga, presence of Gaj Kesari yoga and other fine yogas in your horoscope. There are good dhan yogas in the horoscope indicating that you will have financial abundance in your life. You will achieve great heights in your business.

Jupiter also happens to be the lord of your 12th house placed with the 10th lord in the 8th house (forming vipreet rajya yoga) this indicates that the native shall do well in foreign land (can open branches outside India).

Yes, you will have a long career even beyond 65 years. But, yes health can be a matter of concern for you in times to come. You need to work out, spend time for exercise or yoga for improving your health prospects. There can be health concerns during the period of Saturn / Sun from June 2011 to June 2012 (this can be a tough period in your marital life as well)

Answer to Question No 3.

Yes, the time to come will be good for your earning especially the Mercury and Ketu dasa as both the planets are well placed in your horoscope. The placement of Jupiter in the 8th house indicates that you will do good and noble deeds in your life.

But, instead of waiting to start this work late in life it will be better if you start is right now, as it will bring in the grace of Guru in your life (letting you grow to great heights)

Anand Sagar Pathak


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