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Dear Customer,

You were born when Taurus was rising in the eastern horizon. Your Vedic Sun sign is Pisces. Your Moon sign is Leo. Your birth Nakshatra is Purva Phalguni 1st pada.

You are running the operational dasa of Rahu / Rahu from 14/06/2007 to 26/02/2010 followed by the operational dasa of Rahu / Jupiter from 26/02/2010 to 20/07/2012.

Deliberating on your horoscope, relevant divisional chart and based on the detailed analysis of the running dasa and applicable transits I have the following opinion on your query.

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In your horoscope, Sun (the natural karaka of career) is heavily afflicted by Rahu / Ketu and Saturn. Saturn is also the benefic 10th lord of your horoscope and it happens to be combust because of being too close to Sun.

Hence, you may have to undergo difficulties in your job and superiors. However, 5 planets are placed in the 11th house indicating that income won’t be an issue for you (you will have financial abundance in life).

Right now the issue in your horoscope is the transit of Saturn over the natal Moon (i.e., you are passing through the second phase of Sadhe Saati). Hence, professionally it is not a very easy time for you.

However, as Rahu is placed in the house of gains you will have a job soon (within a couple of months). But, there won’t be settlement in that job also. Professionally things will improve only after the commencement of Rahu / Jupiter dasa from February 2010. In your horoscope Moon is placed with Jupiter (forming Gaj Kesari yoga) it is also signifying Guru Kripa on you.

Astrology is based on your prarbdh karma and your planetary positions. Faith, worship and devotion can at times negate the problems in the horoscope. Hence, to help you I have given below the following remedies (this is based on your horoscope and current transits).

  1. Your Lagna lord is Venus hence worship of Maa Lakshmi will be good for you.
  2. The ninth lord in your case is Saturn hence worship of Lord Hanuman and recitation of Hanuman Chalisa will enhance your luck (this will also be of help in the current period of Sadhe Saati). 
  3. Your fifth lord is Mercury; hence worship of Lord Vishnu or Samarth Sadguru Shri Sai Nath of Shirdi will be very good.
  4. Sun is heavily afflicted in your horoscope. Hence, you should offer water to rising Sun for good career and better health.


Anand Sagar Pathak

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