Experiences with Guruji Satpathyji
In the words of Anand Sagar Pathak……….
It is often understood that in this world there is a universal preceptor and controller whom we know as Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Bramha, Allah, God, Christ etc. However, the presence of God is meaningless without the guide on this world. It is the Guru (guide) who is the embodiment of that supreme bliss and gyana who guides us to good path so that we can understand the meaning of our existence and be nurtured with this Gyana.
Before, meeting Guruji my life was meaningless, I can just describe myself as a stubborn, indolent and immature person who had no faith in himself. It is my Guru who made me understand that faith starts from self. We cannot have faith in God unless we have faith in ourselves. But, the lessons that I got from him was always bitter as is the normal experience of any stone who is periodically worked on by the sculptor who uses rough means with the intention to transform it as a valuable idol.
He always worked on my ego kept it under check and made me understand that the best way to serve God is to serve Sadgurus. He taught that it is not the knowledge and worship that helps in the quest of divine. God is perceived by the grace of Guru, this should be backed with humility, commitment and service. There is no other way to achieve eternal bliss except by serving our own Sadguru. With his help and assistance it hardly took any time for me to understand the play of nature and divine, with his continued grace and blessings my faith in Sai kept on increasing day by day and more and more Sai devotees started approaching me for divine help.
But, was the road to gyana so easy. It was the story of love without reflecting in action. Whenever I asked for protection he showed me the reality and made me strong. Whenever I asked for help I was made to help others. Whenever I asked for love I was made to love others. In his own humble way he expressed that the servants of Sadguru has no time for love as duty is of paramount importance. However, with time I realized that happiness lies in making other people happy.
I always felt that the love of my Guru is not there in my life. But, with time and maturity today I understand that he loved me much more than he could have ever loved anybody. He gave me his most valuable possession that any Guru in the world can give i.e., his own karma. Today when I tread the path shown by my Guru and when Sai devotees put their complete faith on me I understand that I have got more than what I ever deserved. I pray to him to help me bear the responsibilities given by him.
It is because of his grace and the grace of our beloved Shri Sai Nath of Shirdi that this site is being made to serve astrology and spirituality. Hence, with due humility I dedicate this site to my Guruji Satpathyji.