Are Difficult Days Ahead For The USA? - Astrological Analysis
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Articles Are Difficult Days Ahead For The USA? - Astrological Analysis

The American War of Independence ended in 1776 with the birth of the United States of America. The date of birth was 4th July 1776. My esteemed Guru Mr. K. N. Rao has taken the birth time of USA as 10:21:30 AM on 4th July 1776 (Philadelphia) in his article in the Journal of Astrology. The horoscope of America has been drawn on the basis of the same information.

The placements of planets in the horoscope of the United States of America are as follows:-

- The “lagna” (ascendant) rising is Leo.
- Saturn is placed in the 2nd house.
- “Ketu” is placed in the 6th house.
- Moon is placed in the 7th house.
- Sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are placed in the 11th house.
- Retrograde Mercury and “Rahu” are placed in the 12th house.

Before analyzing the implications of the placement of planets, it will be pertinent to take a quick survey of some important events which took place during the last two decades and its effect on the nation.

a) With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the USA became the superpower. It intervened in the Gulf-War after Iraq’s attack on Kuwait. This triggered a full-scale expensive war for America.

b) On 11th September 2001 the World Trade Centre was attacked by terrorist organization. It sent a shiver down the spine of the nation. It decided to wage a war against terrorism and the next expensive war began in Afghanistan.

c) The American economy went into tailspin after the burst of realty bubble. A number of banks collapsed. Economic problems multiplied at home and unemployment figures rose very high. The economy started recovering with slippages.

d) The World Trade Centre and 9/11 is again in news right now. The reason is the suggestion of President Obama to build a mosque at the site of terrorist attack.

1. Are planets affecting the economy?

The “Mahadasa” of Moon started from October 2001. Moon happens to be the lord of the twelfth house. This house is seen for expenses. The period of Moon prepared the country to pump money for financing its offensive against perpetrators of the terrorist attack. This was an indication that America will try to live beyond its means and shall spend heavily on wars. Its impact on the economy of the country was bound to be negative.

In the Moon / Mercury phase the country had to suffer from recession and the financial market literally collapsed. The government had to come to the rescue of financial institutions and corporate houses for pulling them out. The twelfth house placement of Mercury indicated overambitious ventures.

Moon is the twelfth lord in the horoscope. With the dasa in progress, it can re-trigger financial crisis. Although, USA has pulled out of Iraq, its war against terrorism is still continuing. The increasing costs of the military offensive may cause acute unemployment problems.

2. Are planets indicating security threats?

Rahu is placed in the twelfth house. This placement is highly significant because this may alienate the Muslims. The policies of America may be perceived as anti-Muslim. America and Americans may become the target of Muslim fundamentalist organizations.

The period of “Mars / Rahu” will commence from March 2012 and will continue till March 2013. This is the period to be watched carefully. The security and safety of the country will require close monitoring during this phase.

Moon is not supported by planets from either side. This also indicates that arrogance has made USA alone in foreign policies. They have created more enemies in the world than friends. This position is neither good for an individual or for a nation.

3. Is number one position of USA threatened?

China is fast emerging as a big competitor and is the number two economy in the world right now. Its military might is also increasing and it is bound to become a natural threat to America. Its number one position will not remain unchallenged.

In this situation the only way for America is to cultivate friendship with democracies around the world. Saturn represents common man. Democracies are ruled by the common man. Saturn will be in its exalted state when America may be in crisis in 2012. Close ties with democratic countries may help America. It should carefully analyze the role of India which is the largest democracy of the world and is very significant for its economy.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 22nd September 2010