Analysis of Heart-Related Ailments From Horoscopes
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Articles Analysis of Heart-Related Ailments From Horoscopes

Heart-disease has become a big problem in the new age. Hospitals specializing in heart treatment are rapidly increasing. Reason for spurt in heart-related ailments may be many but the common reasons are mental tensions, increase in workload and rich diet.

Dr. K. S. Charak in his book “Essentials of Medical Astrology” has divided heart problems into three types. The most common disease can be “ischaemic heart disease” (IHD) or the “coronary artery disease” (CAD). This develops due to the obstruction of blood vessels which supply blood to the heart. Another more serious ailment is "congenital heart disease" (CHD) which generally requires surgical intervention. The third common heart ailment is “cardiomyopathy”. This happens to be a genetic disorder. Here the heart becomes larger in size but becomes ineffective.

In Vedic astrology the system of “Kaalpurusha” (time personified) is followed. The parts of human body in this system are supposed to be ruled by different signs of the zodiac. Leo is the sign which governs the heart. Leo is ruled by the Sun. Therefore, the role of the Sun and the Leo sign become crucial in understanding heart ailments. Normally, an affliction to the fifth house may also indicate heart-related problems as Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac.

Since Sun signifies the heart, the analysis of its state in the horoscope becomes important. Sun hemmed by malefic planets or Sun afflicted by malefic planets either by placement or aspect may indicate ailments related to heart. The most common affliction can be association or aspect of Mars or Saturn on Sun. The Sun in “Rahu / Ketu” axis can also cause heart-related problems. Debilitation of the Sun or its affliction by the sixth, eighth or the twelfth lord can cause ailments related to heart.

Further, the fifth house is highly relevant for judging heart disease. Placement of malefic planets in the fifth house, affliction of fifth lord by malefic planets either by placement, association or aspect can also signify heart disease. The affliction to fourth house and fourth lord may indicate open-heart surgery. The fourth house represents the chest area of the “Kaalpurusha”. Dr. K. S. Charak is of the opinion that the affliction of the fourth house both from “lagna” or the Sun may indicate chest complications or surgical treatment of heart disease. Benefic influence on the fourth house, the Sun, the fifth house and the fifth lord indicates conservative treatment and recovery.

After judging the afflictions indicated above, it becomes important to know the timing of the onset of the problem. For this the most common way is to see the “dasa” (method of timing event in Vedic astrology) scheme. Dasa of the fifth lord or the Sun, or dasa of planets afflicting the fifth house, the fifth lord or the Sun may indicate the beginning of heart problems.

The most important astrological remedy for heart issues is to strengthen the natal Sun in the horoscope. This can be done by worshiping the rising Sun and allowing the early rays of Sun to fall on the heart region. Morning walk, yoga and exercises may be helpful.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 15th August 2010