Was the Time of Launch of “GSLV- 3” Auspicious Astrologically?
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Articles Was the Time of Launch of “GSLV- 3” Auspicious Astrologically?

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) test fired the “GSLV-3” spacecraft with indigenously developed cryogenic engine on 15th April 2010 at 04:27:00 PM from Sriharikota (Andhra Pradesh). The launch was not successful and the objective of the mission was not achieved.

Can there be an auspicious time for launch of space vehicles also? The scientists generally dismiss the capability of astrology and astrologers in such matters. However, even after careful designing and calculations, many launches of space vehicles have failed throughout the world. In this article we shall examine if the time of the launch of “GSLV- 3” was an astrological blunder.

The planetary positions at the time of “GSLV- 3” launch are as follows:-

- The “lagna” (ascendant) rising is Virgo. Retrograde Saturn is placed in the lagna.
- “Rahu” is placed in the 4th house.
- Jupiter is placed in the 6th house.
- Sun, Mercury, Venus and Moon are placed in the 8th house.
- “Ketu” is placed in the 10th house.
- Mars is placed in the 11th house.

Important Observations:-

- “Lagna” lord Mercury is ill-placed in the 8th house.
- Malefic planets are placed in “Kendra” (quadrant).
- Benefic planets viz., Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are ill-placed in the 6th house and the 8th house.
- 4th lord Jupiter is placed in the 6th house (malefic house).
- 3rd lord Mars is debilitated.
- The “lagna” rising is Virgo at (4 degree 01 minutes). Virgo is a dual sign (partly fixed and partly moveable). The degree of “lagna” is close to Leo which happens to be a fixed sign.
-The “Navamsha” (divisional chart) rising is Aquarius which also happens to be fixed.
- The rising “lagna” Virgo indicates earth element.
- “Rahu” and “Ketu” are afflicting the 4th and the 10th house.

These parameters do not favor satellite launch. The failure can be reconfirmed from the horoscope of India drawn on the basis of its “Independence Day” on 15th August 1947 at 12:00 A.M (midnight).

The placement of planets in the horoscope of India is given below:-

- The “Lagna” (Ascendant) rising is Taurus. “Rahu” is placed in the “Lagna”
- Mars is placed in the 2nd house
- Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Moon are placed in the 3rd house
- Jupiter is placed in the 6th house
- “Ketu” is placed in the 7th house

India is currently under the influence of the “Mahadasa” of Sun. The “antardasa” running is of Sun / Moon which started on 30th December 2010 and will continue till 30th June 2010. Moon happens to be the 3rd lord in the horoscope of India. The third house stands for communication, satellite technology and the like. The “antardasa” lord Moon and the “Mahadasa” lord Sun are both afflicted by Saturn and 6th lord Venus. Debilitated Mars is also currently afflicting the 3rd house in transits. Hence, chance of failure of “GSLV- 3” launch was imminent as per astrological considerations.

The development and designing of the cryogenic engine took a very long time. Due consideration should have been given to all parameters.

Written By: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 18th April 2010