India’s Security Scenario- Astrological Analysis
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Articles India’s Security Scenario- Astrological Analysis

India became independent on 15th August 1947 at 12:00 AM (midnight). This time has been taken for casting the horoscope of India for astrological analysis in this article. The country is facing problems of terrorist attacks from outside as well as extremist problems from inside. We can examine the situation with an astrological viewpoint.

The placement of planets in the horoscope is as given below:-

- The Lagna (Ascendant) rising is Taurus
- Rahu is placed in the Lagna
- Mars is placed in the 2nd house
- Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Moon are placed in the 3rd house
- Jupiter is placed in the 6th house
- Ketu is placed in the 7th house

India is currently under the influence of the “Mahadasa” (a parameter of timing in Vedic astrology) of Sun. In the horoscope of India, Sun is afflicted by Saturn and is also afflicted by sixth lord Venus. Sun and Saturn combination is not very welcome in any horoscope because Sun and Saturn are arch rivals. As per mundane astrology, this combination indicates that the ruler and the ruled will remain at loggerheads. The ongoing dasa of Sun in India’s horoscope indicates that there may be opposition to Government and its policies in various parts of the country.

The interesting part of the “Mahadasa” of Sun is that some parts of India will progress while some other parts will remain stagnant. This may spark tension between sections of societies in various parts of the country. In many parts people will begin criticizing the government. The government will have to resolve such problems and exhibit a more people friendly approach.

India will be influenced by the “Antardasa” of Sun / Mars which starts from 30th June 2010 and will continue till 5th November 2010. Mars, in mundane astrology, refers to armed forces. The second house in the horoscope points towards the east and the north-east. Hence, the eastern and north-eastern states namely West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and the seven smaller states of the north-east, may witness rise in the activities of armed forces against banned outfits.

The next “dasa” will be of Sun / Rahu which will start from 6th November 2010 and will continue till 29th September 2011. The placement of Rahu in the lagna indicates that the worst-affected areas may be the eastern parts of the country. Sun and Rahu are inimical to each other. Cross-border terrorism may increase during this period. There may be increase in militancy in the western states like Maharastra and Gujrat as well.

The Sun / Rahu "dasa" will be followed by Sun / Jupiter "dasa" starting from 30th September 2011. This "dasa" will continue till 17th July 2012. The areas towards the west and north-west like Punjab, Rajasthan etc may witness disturbances. Areas along the Indo-Pak border may become highly disturbed.

The main period to watch for is the “Antardasa” of Sun / Saturn which starts on 18th July 2012 and which ends on 30th June 2013. Sun and Saturn conjunction with the 6th lord and lagna lord Venus indicates that areas like Arunachal Pradesh and areas adjoining India-China border may witness disturbances. The situation may become highly tense on the border.

The current “Mahadasa” of Sun indicates that India will have to remain vigilant about its security concerns, especially arising from terrorist and extremist activities. The Sun “Mahadasa” will keep the government on its toes. However, the country should be able to affectively deal with these problems.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 15th March 2010