Shahrukh Khan and His Forthcoming Film “My Name is Khan” - Astrological Analysis
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Articles Shahrukh Khan and His Forthcoming Film “My Name is Khan” - Astrological Analysis

Shahrukh Khan, popularly known as “King Khan” is one of the top 50 personalities of the world as per Newsweek. The son of a freedom fighter, he is a great actor, producer, television host and a lover of sports. He is in news for the release of his forthcoming film “My name is Khan” which is slated to be released on 12th February 2010. Some astrological observation on the basis of his horoscope can be made keeping in view the recent controversies relating to his film.

Shahrukh was born on 2nd November 1965 when Leo lagna (ascendant) was rising. As per "Vimshottari dasa" Shahrukh Khan is running the dasa of Saturn / Saturn till 9th March 2011. Saturn is retrograde and is placed in the 7th house of his horoscope. In "Vedic astrology", 7th house is the house of public reputation, partnerships, associates and spouse. It is likely that these areas can be a matter of concern for Shahrukh in the days to come.

On deeper analysis we see that currently he is running the pratyantar dasa of Saturn / Saturn / Moon which started from 29th November 2009 and will end on 1st March 2010. Moon happens to be the lord of the 12th house placed in the 6th house. This placement is forming "vipreet rajya yoga" indicating that there may be controversies and issues with the start of this dasa. However, being involved in "rajya yoga", this may be a time for professional betterment. “My name is Khan” is releasing on 12th February 2010 when this dasa will be operational. Hence, the film should do well. Moon being placed in the 6th house, this film can also cause enmity or controversies.

Cross-checking the horoscope from Jaimini system, Shahrukh is currently running the dasa of Capricorn / Leo till 2nd June 2010. “Amatyakaraka” Moon, according to Jaimini system, aspects Leo “rashi” (sign) indicating professional success.

As per “Varshparvesh” horoscope Shahrukh Khan will be running the “Mudda dasa” of Rahu placed in the 3rd house from 13th January 2010 to 8th March 2010. Rahu is considered to be well-placed in the 3rd house indicating that the current time can give success to Shahrukh and his film “My name is Khan”

As per "Jaimini astrology" the dasa to follow is of Capricorn / Cancer which starts from 2nd June 2010 and will continue up to 2nd May 2011. Both, “Atmakaraka” Mars and “Gnatikaraka” Mercury aspects Cancer rashi indicating that there can be health and family concerns from June 2010 onwards. Shahrukh is advised to take care of his health and personal safety from June 2010 onwards.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 7th February 2010