Significance of Transit of Saturn for The World
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Articles Significance of Transit of Saturn for The World

The analysis of effects of powerful planets on world level can be done only on mundane basis. No horoscopes are available for closer analysis of world situations. In the system of Vedic astrology the horoscope of “Kaal Purusha” (time personified) is sometimes taken as a basis for astrological analysis. In this horoscope, Aries makes the first house and Leo the 5th house. The area covered by the 5th house is the heart of the “Kaal Purusha” which is the most vital organ of the body.

The 5th house is significant for stock market conditions, financial markets, speculative markets, entertainment industries, political situation and general conditions of the economy. The owner of this house is Sun. The Sun is the ruler of the planetary kingdom.

Saturn moved into the house owned by Sun about two and half years ago and transited out from this house on 9th September 2009. The stay of Saturn in Leo was not comfortable because the relationship between Sun and Saturn is not compatible. Both, are powerful and fiery planets and the world experienced the fury of uncomfortable stay of Saturn in Leo sign during the last two and half years.

We can give some examples of its effects which were recorded during the period of stay of Saturn in Leo which are of particular significance.

a) The problems in the mortgage markets of USA started surfacing slowly during this period. The objectionable methods and arrogant functioning of financial institutions and banks led to the collapse of the world financial system which was the vital economic system of the world. The problem created by developed nations engulfed the entire globe. The world economy plunged into recession. Many banks went bankrupt. The world is still recovering from the wrongdoings and arrogant practices of banks and financial institutions of the developed countries. Is the present condition a punishment from the divine for arrogance?
b) After the collapse of the Soviet Union, USA is the only superpower of the world. Its actions in Iraq invited criticism. The pent-up feelings of the Muslim world was visible when the then American president George W. Bush was addressing a press conference at Baghdad on 14th December 2008 and Muntadar al- Zaidi, a journalist hurled shoes on the president. This happened for the first time in the history of American presidents. Was American action arrogant in Iraq and did the American president went through this trauma as per divine will?

c) During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the Europeans ruled the world. It was a rule by white people. All the American presidents were also of white origin. But, in the same powerful country Barack Obama was able to become the first black president on the basis of democratically conducted elections. Was it also according to divine will?

d) America is spending heavily in Iraq and Afghanistan for controlling the menace of Taliban and other terrorist groups. Pakistan is its biggest ally in the war against terror. Fund is freely flowing to Pakistan. The truth has started surfacing that Pakistan has utilized the grants for nurturing terrorist activities and the activities of Taliban and other militant groups. Terrorists are targeting areas in Pakistan also. Is Pakistan reaping the harvest?

The four questions raised above relate to the period when Saturn was staying in Leo sign. Saturn represents the common man. The common man may remain in conflict with the ruler for arrogant and aristocratic style of functioning. Perhaps this was the situation prevailing in the world and Saturn was capable of fixing punishments for such misdeeds.

Now, Saturn has moved into Virgo sign and this house is owned by Mercury. Both Saturn and Mercury are compatible to each other. Virgo is the sixth house in the horoscope of the “Kaal Purusha”. This house is significant for disease, debts, enmity, jobs etc. Saturn will stay in this house for about two and half years. Its effects in coming years may be summarized as follows.

a) New types of disease may appear which will keep the medical community and the pharmaceutical industries on toes.

b) Finance management will remain a big problem for almost all counties during the next two and half years. The world has still not come out of recession.

c) The financial debt regulations may be redrafted keeping in view the follies exhibited in the past. A world consensus for this will become necessary.

d) Saturn in 6th house will enhance enmity between some countries. The international relations may not remain cordial for all.

e) People have lost jobs in the turmoil caused by recession. The world economy will recover by the transit of Saturn in Virgo sign. However, the improvement will be significant after the transit of Jupiter in Pisces from May 2010. People who lost jobs will benefit accordingly.

f) Saturn in 6th house may negatively affect industrial relationships. Possibilities of industrial disputes and other disturbances will increase due to discontentment among workers.

The world economy will register positive growth during the stay of Saturn in Virgo sign. Food supply situation will remain normal and demand for industrial products will also increase.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 29th September 2009