Transit of Saturn and its Effects on Indian Economy
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Articles Transit of Saturn and its Effects on Indian Economy

Saturn transited into Virgo sign on 9th September 2009. This slow moving powerful planet will stay in Virgo for about two and half years. Since Saturn is known for initiation of changes, we can expect many changes in the next two and half years. The lord of the Virgo sign is Mercury. Saturn and Mercury are compatible to each other. Therefore the general impact of Saturn in Virgo sign is going to remain positive.

Before transiting into Virgo, this planet was in Leo sign for about two and half years. It gave bad results because the lord of Leo sign is Sun with which Saturn is not in compatible relationship. Sun represents government and Saturn acted against the government by being placed in the same house. The economy plunged into unprecedented recession along with the other nations of the world. It also influenced the normal functioning of the monsoon creating problems for agriculture.

In the horoscope of India drawn on the basis of 15th August 1947 (midnight) when the country got independence, Virgo sign is rising in the 5th house. The fifth house in the horoscope is consulted for children, education, entertainment, sports, films, speculative activities and stock markets, commodity market, government activities, diplomacy etc.

In this article we will examine the probable impact of the transit of Saturn on the economy of India. Transit as a whole is more important in mundane astrology than in native astrology. This will become important in days to come.

Some economic aspects come under the domain of Saturn like agriculture, mineral ores, fossil fuels, labor and labor related problems, famine, droughts, floods, other natural calamities, exports, taxes etc.

The impact on commodities:-

Minerals and ores are very important raw materials for metal industries. The prices of ores are likely to move up in the next two and half years. This will affect the prices of metals including iron and steel. The prices may move upwards.

Although, the prospects of kharif crops (rainy season crops) have suffered due to erratic monsoon, the prospects of rabi crop (winter season crops) have brightened due to late monsoon showers. Therefore, the country is less likely to experience any food shortage. However, the prices of food grains will rise.

Other sectors of Economy:-

Entertainment and Film Industry will remain in the lime light. Saturn is right now receiving the 9th aspect of Jupiter which will produce positive effects for television and film industry. However, from 20th December 2009 to April 2010 Saturn will be bereft of benefic influence of Jupiter. Saturn can act as per its own nature in such a situation. The wellbeing of an iconic film personality will become a serious concern during this period.

In the area of sports and athletics the country will acquire name and fame. There are mega sports events planned like commonwealth games and world-cup cricket during the stay of Saturn in Virgo sign. This will help the advertising industry.

The stock market reflects the health of the economy. The market will continue to rise till December but will face resistance after 20th December 2009. The situation will improve from May 2010. The economy is reviving after depression. A positive turn is visible but the process of revival is still not complete. However, the country will always remain attractive for foreign institutional investors (FII's).

With the discovery of more gas in the off-shore and on-shore areas, the energy situation is likely to improve in the coming days. The dependence on foreign supplies will gradually diminish. This will help all round industrial revival. However, the industry sector will have to face problems from workers culminating in strikes and other disturbances.

The financial situation is expected to remain easy due to economic revival. However, exports are not picking up. Therefore, foreign exchange earnings may be impacted. The government may change taxation policies drastically to cope with high-growth economy. In the next two and half years, the economy of the country is likely to travel in a positive territory.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 25th September 2009