Sania Mirza - Indian Tennis Sensation
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Articles Sania Mirza - Indian Tennis Sensation

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them".

- Act II, Scene V, Twelfth Night (William Shakespeare)

These lines of William Shakespeare looked meaningful while writing about Tennis Star Sania Mirza. Her horoscope indicates that the dasa of yogakaraka Venus was running at the time of birth. Her supportive parents also helped her become a female tennis superstar of India. Born to parents, father Imran Mirza, a sports journalist and mother Nasima, it was her father Imran who initiated her into the game and always encouraged her to be the best.

The young Indian women tennis sensation, Sania Mirza, was born in Mumbai on November 15, 1986. Presently, the highest ranked Indian in the game, she started playing Tennis at the tender age of six at the Nizam club in Hyderabad. 

The details of her horoscope are as follows:

The lagna rising is Capricorn.
Exalted Mars is placed in Lagna.
Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house
Rahu is placed in the 3rd house
Moon is placed in 4th house
Ketu is placed in 9th house
Sun, retrograde Mercury and retrograde Venus are placed in the 10th house
Saturn is placed in the 11th house

There are powerful yogas in her horoscope. The prominent among these is “Ruchaka yoga” (Panch Mahapurusha yoga) formed by the placement of exalted Mars in Lagna. This yoga makes her a good sportsperson and gives her an aggressive temperament in pursuing her game.

“Malavya yoga” is formed by the placement of Venus in its own sign in the 10th house. It is also a prominent Panch Mahapurusha yoga. This combination makes her spiritually inclined and conversant in spiritual text. As per reports, she is very religious and never misses her daily prayers and Quran reading. This combination also gives her name, fame, money and popularity.

“Budha- Aditya yoga” is also formed in her horoscope by the conjunction of Sun and Mercury. This makes her a person of sharp intellect. There are other yogas like Neech Bhanga Rajya Yoga and Vipreet Rajya Yoga in the horoscope signifying her capability to fight back all odds and emerge as a winner. There is formation of Karma Dharam Adhipati Rajya Yoga and Dhan Yoga making her successful in her career and also giving her good luck with respect to finances. Rahu and Saturn are also well placed in 3rd and the 11th house respectively.

However, the horoscope suffers from Manglik dosha (formed by placement of Mars in the Lagna) causing issues relating to marital life, Kemdrum yoga (formed because of no planet on either side of Moon other than Rahu and Ketu), causing loneliness in personal life.

She was born in the Mahadasa of Venus that happens to be yogakaraka planet for her. The placement of Venus in the 10th house forms both Karma-Dharam Adhipati Rajya Yoga and Malavya Yoga which were instrumental in early start of her career. She started playing tennis when she was barely 6 years of age. She played her first international tournament in 1999 when she represented India at the World Junior Championship at Jakarta when she was about 12 years of age.

A big boost came in 2002 when Paes decided to take her as his mixed doubles partner at the Asian Games. The duo went on to claim the bronze medal. The rise has been steady since then. In 2003, Sania at 16years did India proud by becoming the youngest and first ever Indian to figure in the main draw of the girls' doubles junior Wimbledon tennis championship and winning the Grand Slam title. Her achievements in sports front has been numerous, the information given above are only indicative to justify the promises of her horoscope.

Sania Mirza has been recently in news because of her engagement with her childhood friend Sohrab Mirza. She exchanged rings with Sohrab in Hyderabad on Friday, 10th July 2009. At the time of ring ceremony, the 7th lord Moon was afflicted by Rahu and the 7th house was in Pap-Kartari. This indicates that the couple may undergo severe ups and downs in their relationship.

Exalted Mars in Lagna (in natal horoscope) makes her dominating by nature. The placement of 7th lord Moon in 4th house makes her enjoy family life also. Over-expectations from each other can become source of tension. Hence, the couple should seek marriage counseling from time to time and should not let any issue in their life unattended for long.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 11th July 2009