Indian Cricketing Debacle: Astro Analysis
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Articles Indian Cricketing Debacle: Astro Analysis

When Mahendra Singh Dhoni took charge of captaincy of Indian cricket team in World Cup 20-20 match in 2007, he brought in a new approach to the game. His composed and cool behavior on the ground earned him the title of Mr. Cool. He became a darling to crores of Indian fans 50% of whom are below 25 years of age. His popularity gave him a larger than life image. But, his approach in the current world cup 20-20 match seems mired in controversies. What went wrong this time?
I have been emphasizing in my articles earlier that Saturn’s transit in Leo rashi unsettles people who are placed on top and helps the underdogs. We saw this trend very clearly during the IPL matches when The Rajasthan royals, the ruling champions of 2008 lost the cup. The weakest team of last year Deccan chargers won the cup defeating all the contenders. The Indian cricket team approached the 2009, 20-20 world cup as defending Champions. They failed to pass the test of Saturn. It is said that Saturn is a teacher who doesn’t favor arrogance.
When Indian premier league was formally announced and the corporates were bidding for players, it seemed that players in coming times will play mainly for money and national interests will take a backseat. We noticed that 2 players of Indian cricket team did not even bother to collect the Padma Shree awards from the President of India. The media reported that one of the cricketers was busy shooting ad films.
According to India’s coach Gary Kirsten "We had a bunch of cricketers who arrived quite tired. We have had a demanding schedule and we never got ourselves to the required intensity for the standard and quality of the international game, which is higher than IPL. We weren't an energetic team”
Now the question arises are we not allowing our national pride go down for the self interest of players, board and IPL franchisee holders. This needs thorough debate.
India is passing through the dasa of Venus till September 2009. Venus in Vedic astrology refers to glamour industry and grace of Maa Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth). Indian cricketers have been richly endowed by glamour as well as rewarded with high fees. No other sport except cricket has got so much of attention and fan following in our country. It seems that cricketers have forgotten that they are supported and loved in this country because they perform for India and not because they perform for self.
Learned teach us that to reap abundance in life, one need to follow his / her life purpose. The life purpose supports him financially. However, the limitation with people is that they forget to keep a proper balance between the purpose of life and desire for money. The result is that we tend to lose our life purpose as well as money and self esteem. It is a warning for our cricket team that cricket is not for those who value their personal growth more than the growth of the team. India is ruled by Saturn, who can lift a person to top instantly. But, act of ego, arrogance and greed may cause instant fall also.
Indian cricket team was overflowing with talent. There were some debatable selection of players and their batting order. Tried and Tested players were asked to bat after inexperienced players that made India have shameful exit. The world champions of 2007 were not able to win even a single match in three super eight matches, because of the captains 'I-am-too-big-for-my-boots' attitude.
Hope Indian cricket team especially Mahendra Singh Dhoni learns from this debacle and play for India’s glory when they tour West Indies.
Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 18th June 2009