Chiranjeevi and Vijaykanth- Electoral Fortunes
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Articles Chiranjeevi and Vijaykanth- Electoral Fortunes

Chiranjeevi founded Praja Rajyam as a regional political party in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India on August 26, 2008.
The party contested all 40 Lok Sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh and lost all of them. It won in 18 of 294 assembly seats. The party leader, Chiranjeevi contested two assembly seats Tirupathi and Palacole in his native West Godavari district, and lost the Palacole election. It polled 15 % votes and is believed to have affected the victory chances of TDP in many seats. It came second in 31 assembly seats and three Lok Sabha seats.
Chiranjeevi was born on 22nd August 1955 at 10:10 AM in Narsapur. In Chiranjeevi’s horoscope Libra is the rising Lagna, Vedic Sun sign is Leo and Moon sign is Virgo. The birth Nakshatra is Chitra 2nd pada. There is formation of Hamsha yoga (exalted Jupiter in Kendra) and Sasa yoga (exalted Saturn in Lagna). Both, these yogas are “Panch Mahapurusha yoga” meaning yogas which make a person dignified. However, Saturn and Jupiter both are getting debilitated (weak) in Navamsha chart. Hence, the promise of major political gains was diluted.
The 7th lord in Chiranjeevi’s horoscope is Mars that happens to be placed with the Lagna lord Venus in the house of gains (11th house). Hence, Praja Rajyam party under his leadership can grow up as a more dominating party after June 2012 when the Mahadasa of Mercury starts in the horoscope of Chiranjeevi. However, Chiranjeevi should learn the art of alliance to have a say in the next assembly election. His horoscope suggests gains from alliances.
Vijaykanth was born on 25th August 1952 in Madurai. The time of birth is not available. Hence, assessment has been made from natal Moon. In his horoscope the Sun sign is Leo, Moon sign is Virgo and birth Nakshatra is Chitra 2nd pada.
Vijaykanth formed Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK). He formally announced party formation on September 14, 2005 at Madurai. The party head office is in Koyambedu, Chennai.
This party contested all 234 seats in the state elections in May 2006 with Vijayakanth contesting in Vridhachalam. The party polled almost 3 million votes which were about 10% of the total votes cast. This was surprisingly a very good show for a new party. However, the total votes did not translate into assembly seats. All the candidates of the DMDK with the exception of Mr.Vijaykanth lost the elections in 2006.
DMDK contested all 39 seats independently in Tamil Nadu in the 15th Lok Sabha election in 2009 and lost all of them. The party, however, made strong inroads in the heartland of Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK). The party polled 30.52 lakh votes of the total of 3.02 crore valid votes polled in the state representing roughly a vote share of 10.09 %.
Though his party did not win any seat, it appears to have made the difference between margin of victory or loss in case of many candidates. Well established party PMK has been seriously affected.
Here, the point to be noted is that Sun sign, Moon sign and birth Nakshatra of both Chiranjeevi and Vijaykanth are same. However, the difference is that there are rajya yogas and Panch Mahapurusha yoga’s in the horoscope of Chiranjeevi that is giving him and edge over Vijaykanth.
The seventh lord from Moon in case of Vijaykanth is Jupiter that happens to be placed in the 8th house. This indicates that his party is not able to forge ahead because of lack of alliances. However, DMDK will be able to do well if Vijaykanth is able to bring in Rajnikanth in his party. If either the AIADMK or DMK lose hold in the state, he will be a direct beneficiary.
Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 21st May 2009