Taliban- Potential threat or blessing in disguise?
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Articles Taliban- Potential threat or blessing in disguise?

South Asia comprises of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives out of which India and Pakistan have the most important and dominant presence. The recent transits of planets have triggered many changes in the political arena of all these countries. Sri Lanka is crushing the LTTE causing a concern in India as well. Pakistan is passing through one of the worst offensive from Taliban and they are fighting a war to survive.
The bottom line is that even though boundaries were made to separate two nations, the regional base and common roots between these neighboring counties affect the polity in these nations. Imposition of Jazia Tax on Sikh community in Taliban controlled areas in Pakistan made India appeal to the Government of Pakistan to interfere in this matter. Tamilian issue in Sri Lanka has been one of the key election issues in Tamil Nadu politics. 
I want to emphasize that even though nations are separated by their geographical boundaries, the problems originating from a common root can be solved only through mutual negotiations. No problem in today’s world can be left isolated. Hence, the concern in Pakistan directly affects India as well.
Transit of Saturn in Leo rashi sets new trend. The aspect of Jupiter from 3rd May 2009 on Saturn indicates that the politics of hate has to be substituted by politics of tolerance and cooperation. What is relevant here is that US President Barack Obama has also said to Pakistan President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari that India is not a threat to Pakistan. The real threat to Pakistan is Taliban.
If statements of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari have to be believed, this will perhaps be the first occasion when Pakistan will seek cooperation both from USA and India for combating the menace of Taliban. Mr. Zardari has also said that after the election and formation of a new government, he will seek betterment of economic ties with India.
Rahu and Ketu axis is afflicting natal moon and 3rd house in India’s horoscope. The 4th lord Sun is also afflicted in transit. The result of this transit is that there shall be attempts of infiltration from Indian border. Terrorists can make attempts to get into the country and create disturbance.
Simultaneously, Rahu and Ketu transit from 4th house in Pakistan’s horoscope indicates that militants are posing a threat to the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan. 
Hence, India and Pakistan both make a perfect team to settle these issues together and they may combat militancy, poverty and other problems affecting their growth. Mutual hatred will not fulfill the needs of the rapidly growing population of these two countries. The welfare of the people in both of them depends on economic growth.
Taliban issue is creating a perfect platform from where both the countries can work together for a better tomorrow. Hence, Taliban can prove to be a blessing in disguise and opening up of a new chapter in India - Pakistan relationship.
Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 08/05/2009