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As per Phala deepika among all the lagna, the Moon’s Lagna (Chandra Lagna or the sign in which the Moon is posited), is most important for assessing the effects of transits. It is, therefore, imperative to make prediction about effects of transits through various signs from the sign occupied by the Moon. However, transits from Lagna and the dasa lord is also considered by good astrologers.

Sun’s transits through the various houses as reckoned by the Moon will be as follows:-

1st house- wearisome journey, fatigue, diseases.
2nd house- Loss of wealth, unhappiness , obstinacy and victim of deceit by others.
3rd house- Acquisition of a new position, gain of wealth, happiness, freedom from diseases and destruction of enemies.
4th house- Diseases, impediments to sexual enjoyments.
5th house- Mental anguish, ill health, humiliation in all possible ways.
6th house- Freedom from diseases, destruction of enemies, removal of sorrows and anxieties.
7th house- Wearisome journeys, stomach disorders, trouble in the anus and suffering humiliation.
8th house- Fear, diseases, quarrels, royal displeasure, suffering from excessive heat.
9th house- Danger, humiliation, separation from close relations and mental depression.
10th house- Success in a great and important undertaking.
11th house- New position, honour, wealth and freedom from diseases.
12th house- Sorrow, loss of wealth, quarrels with friends and fever.

Moon’s transit through the various houses reckoned from the Moon will yield the following effects:-

1st house- Betterment of fortune
2nd house- Loss of wealth
3rd house- Success
4th house- Fear
5th house- Sorrow
6th house- Freedom from diseases
7th house- Happiness
8th house- Unhappy and troublesome events
9th house- Sickness
10th house- Fulfillment of ambitions
11th house- Joy
12th house- Expenditure

Mars transit through the various houses from the Moon will yield the following effects:-

1st house- Mental depression, separation from relations and diseases caused by impurity of blood, bile and heat.
2nd house- Fear, exchange of hot words and loss of wealth.
3rd house- Success in all undertakings, acquisition of gold ornaments and happiness caused thereby.
4th house- Loss of position, stomach disorders and sorrow through relations.
5th house- Fever, unnecessary desires, mental agony through son, quarrel with relations.
6th house- End of strife and withdrawal of enemies, freedom from diseases, victory, gain of wealth and success in all undertakings.
7th house- Misunderstanding with wife, eye diseases, stomach ache and similar disorders.
8th house- Fever, anemia, loss of wealth, and honor.
9th house- Humiliation through wealth, difficulty in walking due to weakness and health concerns.
10th house- Misbehavior, failure in efforts and exhaustion.
11th house- Gain of wealth, freedom from diseases and increase in landed property.
12th house- Loss of wealth, sickness caused by excessive by excessive heat.

Mercury transit through the various houses from the Mercury through the various houses reckoned from the Moon:-

1st house- Loss of wealth
2nd house- Gain of wealth
3rd house- Fear from enemies
4th house- Accrual of wealth
5th house- Quarrel with wife and children
6th house- Success
7th house- Misunderstandings
8th house- Gain of wealth and birth of children
9th house- Destruction in understandings
10th house- Happiness all round
11th house- Increase in prosperity
12th house- Fear of humiliation

The effects of the transit of Jupiter through the various houses reckoned from the Moon will be as given below:-

1st house- Departure from the native place, heavy expenditure and ill will towards others.
2nd house- Acquisition of wealth, domestic happiness and influence over others.
3rd house- Loss of position, separation from friends, obstacles in business and diseases.
4th house- Sorrow through relations, humiliation and danger from quadrupeds.
5th house- Birth of children, association with noble persons and royal favor.
6th house- Trouble from enemies and cousins and diseases.
7th house- Journey from an auspicious work, happiness with wife and acquisition of children.
8th house- Tiresome journeys resulting in fatigue, unlucky, misery and loss of wealth.
9th house- All round prosperity
10th house- Danger to property, position and children
11th house- Birth of children, gain of new position and honor.
12th house- Grief, fear caused through property.

The effects of transit of Venus through the various houses reckoned from the Moon be as follows:-

1st house- Conferment of all kinds of enjoyments
2nd house- Gain of wealth
3rd house- Prosperity
4th house- Increase in happiness and friends
5th house- Birth of children
6th house- Accidents
7th house- Trouble to wife
8th house- Acquisition of wealth
9th house- Happiness
10th house- Quarrels
11th house- Safety
12th house- Acquisition of wealth

Saturn in his passage through the various houses reckoned from the Moon, will produce the following effects:-

1st house- Diseases and performance of funeral rites.
2nd house- Loss of wealth and children
3rd house- Gain of position or employment and acquisition of wealth and servants.
4th house- Loss of wife, relations and wealth.
5th house- Diminishing of wealth, loss of children and confusion of mind
6th house- All round happiness
7th house- Suffering to wife and danger during journeys
8th house- Loss of children, cattle, friends and wealth and suffering from diseases
9th house- Loss of wealth, obstacles to the performance of good deeds, death of an elderly relative equal to father and perpetual sorrow.
10th house- Indulgence in sinful actions, loss of honor and suffering from diseases.
11th house- All kinds of happiness, gain of wealth and receipt of unique honor.
12th house- Engagement in a business bringing no gains, loss of wealth through enemies, and sickness to wife and son.

Rahu in the course of his passage through the various houses will cause the following effects:-

1st house- Sickness or death
2nd house- Loss of wealth
3rd house- Happiness
4th house- Sorrow
5th house- Financial loss
6th house- Happiness
7th house- Loss of wealth
8th house- Danger to life.
9th house- Loss of wealth
10th house- Financial Gains
11th house- Happiness and growth
12th house- Increase in expenditure

(Compiled by: Anand Sagar Pathak)