Anatomy of India’s wars with Neighbors
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Articles Anatomy of India’s wars with Neighbors

Vedic astrology at times baffles even a non- believer about the accuracy and depth of analysis reflected from a genuinely drawn horoscope. Complex issues like wars, deaths, famines, floods etc. seem related to horoscope, graha dasa and transits.

Working on the horoscope of Independent India based on the date of Independence of the country i.e., 15th August 1947 at 12:00 AM (midnight), the main parameters of the horoscope are as under.

a) Rahu is placed in the lagna of the horoscope.
b) Mars is placed in the 2nd house.
c) 5 planets are conjunct together in the 3rd house (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Moon)
d) Jupiter is placed in the 6th house.
e) Ketu is placed in the 7th house.

In Vedic astrology 3rd house stands for neighbors, hard-work, courage and co-born. The birth Nakshatra at the time of independence was Pushya. Hence, the first dasa on independent India was that of Saturn. Saturn is combust in the 3rd house by being close to Sun. Sun happens to be the 4th lord of India’s horoscope.

The placement of 4th lord in the 3rd house signified separation of India and Pakistan at the time of birth. Saturn is the planet that generally works for separation in Vedic astrology. The conjunction of Sun and Saturn in the 3rd house indicates that even after separation, the two nations will not live comfortably like good neighbors. Time proved this inherent promise in the horoscope of India to be true.

Rahu in Vedic astrology is called foreigner. The placement of Rahu in the lagna and the placement of lagna lord (Venus) in the 3rd house indicate that India will constantly face troubles from neighbors. The placement of lagna lord in the 3rd house also indicates that India as a nation is aggressive enough to protect its interest.

Indo- Pak war I took place immediately after partition and ended on 31st December 1948. This was the period when Pakistan Occupied Kashmir was born. The dasa running was of Saturn / Saturn from 15/08/1947 to 15/09/1949. Saturn being in 3rd house is in conflict with Sun. Sun happens to be the 4th lord in India’s horoscope and the 4th house relates to land and territory. Hence the reason for war was Kashmir. It became flesh in the thorn for both the neighbors.

India- China war from 20th October 1962 to 20th November 1962 is commonly referred to as Sino- Indian boundary dispute by other countries. This war was also for land and territory. The dasa running was Saturn / Rahu from 24/04/1960 to 02/03/1963. Here, we see that Rahu in lagna is playing foul; China waged war with India in the era of Hindi-Chini- Bhai- Bhai. The war was a rude shock for the country and Pandit Nehru died on account of this.

Indo- Pak war II from 5th August 1965 to 22nd September 1965 was perpetrated by Pakistan, which was armed to the teeth and was waiting for the right time to strike. The aftermath of Sino- Indian war was carefully selected. The dasa running was Saturn / Jupiter from 02/03/1963 to 12/09/1965. This was the 2nd armed aggression by Pakistan for the same cause- Kashmir.  The period was the last antardasa in the Mahadasa of Saturn. Jupiter, the antardasa lord was placed in the 6th house (house of enemies).

Indo- Pak war III from 03/12/1971 to 16/12/1971 was related to the birth of Bangladesh.  The dasa running was Mercury / Sun from 06/12/1971 to 12/10/1972. This was the first war when India showed its valor and took offensive position on account of increasing influx of refugees coming from the then East Pakistan. This war exhibited the determination of the country for the first time. Sun being the antardasa lord was determined to leave its foot print in the area.

Period of emergency lasted from 25th June 1975 to 21st March 1977. The dasa running was Mercury / Rahu from 09/03/1975 to 27/09/1977. Though, this was not a period of war, the country was slipping into disorder because Late Indira Gandhi as prime minister was challenged by J.P. movement. Rahu in the lagna played a major role in this affair.

Indo- Pak war IV (Kargil war) was not a full- fledged war. It lasted from May 1999 to July 1999. The dasa running was Venus / Rahu from 12/11/1996 to 12/11/1999. Rahu antardasa again caused war related problems in India. There was conflict in Kargil between Indian and Pakistani forces which remained confined in a short area.

Hence, we find that whenever Saturn and Rahu dasa was running on the country, India was attacked by neighbors and India had to defend itself from the attack. When Sun antardasa was running India became offensive to liberate Bangladesh from Pakistan because turmoil in East Pakistan was bad news for India.

The Mahadasa of Sun is going to start on India from 12th September 2009 for 6 years. Does it signify that India will tackle issues with Pakistan and the terrorist organizations by the use of military power? There is strong possibility.

Written By: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 11th April 2009