Ashtakoot Milan - some Anomalies
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Articles Ashtakoot Milan - some Anomalies

Traditional astrologers have been using the method of Ashtakoot Milan for matching the horoscopes of boys and girls for marriage.

This method is based on Rashi and Nakshatra of Moon in the horoscope of both the boy and the girl.

Astrologers take into account Manglik dosha caused by Mars but not by other malefics like Sun, Saturn and Rahu / Ketu.

It also does not take into account lagna of both boy and girl and presence of malefics in lagna - 7th house, 6 – 12 axis and 2 – 8 axis which are important for any married life. It takes into account relative position of moon in the horoscopes of boy / girl known as Bhakoot dosha.

However, it does not take into account relative position of Venus (karaka of marriage), Jupiter (karaka for children) and Sun (karaka for personality). Certain cases have been observed where the Guna- Milan is around 10 – 12 but marital life has been successful for around 30- 40 years.



Dob : 14. September.1941
Tob : 1528 hrs
Pob : Gujaranwala now in Pakistan


Dob : 27 September 1949
Tob :0931hrs
Pob : Ambala
Married on 11 May 1968

Guna – Milan 10 (as per Vishwa Vijay Panchang)



Dob : 11 June 1952
Tob : 2135 hrs
Pob : Etawah (UP)


Dob : 24 April 1959
Tob : 2020 hrs
Pob : Shahabad Harayana)
Married on 16 Jul 1986

Guna – Milan 12 (as per Vishwa Vijay Panchang)

Following is the case of divorce with 17.5 Guna Matching


Dob : 27 Jan 1970
Tob : 0920 hrs
Pob : Delhi


Dob : 15 Feb 1971
Tob : 2055 hrs
Pob : Chandigarh
Married in Feb 1998
Divorce in Aug 2001

Guna- Milan----17.5 (as per Vishwa Vijay Panchang )

Written By: Dinesh Nanda