Power Play in Pakistan: Astro Analysis
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Articles Power Play in Pakistan: Astro Analysis

Both, India and Pakistan were born as Independent nation in 1947. However, the two neighbors have never lived comfortably since birth. The relationships were never cordial because they engaged themselves in many wars since 1947. The diplomatic, political and economic relationships between the two neighbors have remained strained. Attempts have been made by both the governments from time to time to correct the situation but these attempts have not been successful so far. The scenario in Pakistan affects India the most.
Pakistan got its independence (Yaum-e-Azadi) on 14th August 1947 at 12:00 AM. In the horoscope of the nation, Aries lagna was rising. The lagna lord in the case of Pakistan is Mars which happens to be placed in the 3rd house. This placement suggests that as a nation Pakistan has strong determination and will power. However, placement of Mars in the same house (3rd house) has created problems vis-à-vis relationship with neighbors.
Rahu is placed in the 2nd house. The second house as per Vedic astrology is the house of speech (political statements) and it has been observed by diplomats that the political statements emanating from Pakistan are confusing and manipulative.
In a nation’s horoscope, the 4th house is considered the house of kingly throne. In the horoscope of Pakistan 4 planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn) are placed in the 4th house indicating that there are many contenders to the kingly throne. Saturn stands for the rule of common man (democracy). Whenever Saturn was powerful a democratically elected government functioned in Pakistan. At present retrograde Saturn may cause problems to democratically elected government.
Mars is the lagna lord in the horoscope which depicts strong military presence in administrative matters. It wants the rule of army. Pakistan in its total history from 1947 has seen very long spells of military rule. 
Venus in the 4th house wants the rule of religion because Shukracharya (the Guru of Rahu) will push his disciple to acquire more power. Although, this has not been successful in Pakistan till now, strong attempts are being made to establish the rule of religion.
The Mahadasa of Venus has started in the horoscope of Pakistan from 27th December 2007 for 20 years. Right now the antardasa running is of Venus / Venus from 27th December 2007 to 27/04/2011. The grip of religious fundamentalism is likely to increase in the next 20 years. The antardasa phase is pushing for a change. In Vedic astrology Venus gets directional strength in the northern direction. The NWFP areas of Pakistan may come under the grip of religious fundamentalism.
The worst fear in the current scenario is that Rahu and Mars both are having a say in the polity of Pakistan. Venus works through Rahu in acquisition of power for fundamentalists. Mars will intervene in the process, pointing towards re-imposition of military rule.
Affliction of Venus with Saturn and Sun may make women of the country suffer. There will be attempts to curb their independence and push them to insignificant positions. However, as Venus signifies women also in Vedic astrology, women will rise to prominence in some parts of the country.
Ketu also plays a significant role in terrorism and militancy. Transiting Ketu is passing over the 4th house of Pakistan’s horoscope indicating clandestine rule of militancy and its influence on the polity of Pakistan. This is not good news for Pakistan, India and the world as a whole.
Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 14th March 2009