Dynamics of Terrorism and Extremism: Astro Analysis
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Articles Dynamics of Terrorism and Extremism: Astro Analysis

In Vedic astrology Saturn is son of Lord Surya (Sun God). Sun disregarded his son because he was dark in color; Sun also disregarded the mother of Saturn (Chaya). This made Saturn inimical to Sun. In the planetary hierarchy Sun is the King and Saturn is his biggest enemy. Hence, Saturn represents rebellion against the king.

Rebellion can manifest in many ways. It may mean a peaceful demonstration for demand’s from the king. It may also become an armed rebellion where the authority of the King is challenged. When backed with the fury of Rahu and Ketu, Saturn triggers terrorism and extremism. Mars may fuel the fire in other ways.

Rahu is also inimical to Sun (as goes the maxim- enemy of enemy is a friend). Hence, Rahu extends support to any kind of rebellion to the King. Rahu in Vedic astrology refers to faulty reasoning and Saturn represents rebellion. When faulty reasoning and rebellion combine together, the result is a rise in terrorist and extremist activities in the world.

Saturn transited in Leo rashi (the sign owned by King Sun) on 1st November 2006. When we analyze data taken from Wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia, available on internet) we see increase in terrorist activity in the year 2007 and 2008. The 2 months which passed in 2009 have also seen more than 60 terrorist attacks across the globe. Saturn will remain in Leo rashi till 9th September 2009. Hence, terrorist activities may not lessen till then, as per astrological situation.

The retrogression of Saturn right now is further giving impetus to these activities. Saturn remains retrograde till 17th May 2009. Hence, there will be wrestle for power between the government and the rebels in all parts of the world. Reasoning will, however, win the battle; things may improve after Saturn becomes direct after 17th May 2009. For any peace making process to succeed the agencies and the governments have to wait till the transit of Saturn out of Leo rashi i.e., till 9th September 2009.

The alarming increase in terrorist attacks in the 21st century is a cause of serious concern. The rates at which the attacks have increased are given below.

Year                                   No of world-wide terrorist attacks (approx)

2006                                    50
2007                                   126
2008                                   326
2009                                   66 (in first 2 months)

Source: Wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia, available on internet)

Divine administration has an inbuilt mechanism to combat terrorism. Mars is the commander in chief in the Sun’s army. In real world it signifies the role of military power in fighting terrorism. As Mars is exalted (is powerful) right now, there will be strong action against terrorism in times to come. Conflict escalates and sparks fly because Mars is ruthless in crushing rebellion.

Even though Jupiter is debilitated (weak) in transit right now, its association with Rahu in transit is the only silver lining for the consensus between nations for a united fight against terrorism.

The root causes of extremism are to be addressed first. These causes include poverty, lack of education, lack of opportunities, oppression, hatred, discrimination etc. These factors can be understood by persons who have the blessings of Jupiter (i.e., Guru Kripa). Thus, Jupiter has the most important role to play in controlling the spread of extremism across the globe.

The role of spiritual teachers (Sadguru’s) who teach universal brotherhood will be most important in this situation. Hatred cannot be removed by hatred. It is only love which will provide the healing touch.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak

 Dated: 8th March 2009