Retrograde Saturn and Divine Justice: Astro Analysis
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Articles Retrograde Saturn and Divine Justice: Astro Analysis

Vedic astrology recognizes 3 types of planetary movements:-

Sama (Normal): In this movement planets move at natural pace. Normally, in mundane astrology this transit signifies all around normalcy and happiness. This is the period when there is quiet development in the economy.

Atichari (Fast): In this movement planets move at relatively faster pace (as if planets are in a hurry of delivering something).This period can trigger boom, or fast growth of economy. However, this is also the period when people start getting over confident.

Vakri (Retrograde): In this movement the planets move backwards (apparently, when viewed from earth). This is the period when deeds done in the past are brought to light. This is the period when the planet is in the mood to review past deeds. The Saturn became retrograde from 1st January 2009 and will remain in retrogression till 17th May 2009.

Retrograde planets have been the subject of research for astrologers over many years. It is the experience of many researchers that during the dasa of retrograde planet, a person can have remembrance of his past life or past deeds.

In mundane astrology, it is believed that retrograde planets have a major role to play in administration of justice. They give us a chance to review our policies. For example, just a few months back, everyone was seeing only the rosy side of privatization. However, the fallout of events after failure of many companies and banks world-wide has put a question mark on the policy of privatization. The belief of people in government banks has increased after seeing the plight of private banks particularly in USA where many banks have gone belly-up.

In my earlier articles I have been emphasizing the role of Saturn in various aspects of human life. The reason for so much emphasis on Saturn is because Saturn is the slowest moving planet among the Navgrahas (which Hindus follow in Vedic Astrology). Being the slowest moving planet it has been assigned the role of Kaal (time). Hence, it is always the transit of Saturn that sets a trend and is instrumental in administration of justice.

Saturn is transiting from its enemy’s sign Leo right now causing problems to people well placed in public, business and film lines. To make the matter worse, Saturn is retrograde right now. Hence, the wrong doings of the past are getting exposed.

This is the period when books of various companies have been opened for scrutiny. The beauty of the thing is that investigating agencies have not raised fingers against them. This is happening spontaneously. The clandestine activities in neighboring counties are coming to light.  The mutiny in Bangladesh Rifles and mass murder of officers under alleged instigations has also come to light. Investigations going for long on scams in the country are getting exposed. High placed individuals are being brought to justice.

It seems that Saturn in retrograde state is keen to bring, high placed individuals who have exploited their position for all types of wrong doings, to justice. Therefore, Saturn is working as a divine weapon right now because it is transiting in Leo represented by Sun which is the symbol of power. Hence, people placed in power are subject to divine scrutiny.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak

 Dated: 3rd March 2009