Transit of Saturn and Bollywood during Recession

Articles Transit of Saturn and Bollywood during Recession

“NeelanjanSamabhasham Raviputram Yamagrajam
ChayaMartandSambhutam Tam Namami Saneshcharam” 
  (Shani Mantra)

Saturn is the most mystic planet in our solar system. I say mystic because Saturn has unique look. It is the only planet which has rings around it. It has largest number of natural satellites revolving around it.

Astrologically, good influence of Saturn makes a person unique. It gives luster to an individual (gives charismatic personality like ringed Saturn) and mass following (similar to largest number of satellites which revolve around it).

For success, name and popularity of an individual, Saturn has an important role to play. For public support, popularity and the like Saturn has to be strong in the horoscope may it be the horoscope of politicians, actors, singers or the like. Without Saturn’s help the person even though talented, will not be noticed by masses and he may not become a celebrity and will remain in oblivion.

I am giving two examples of film artists - one from Hollywood and one from Bollywood to understand the role of Saturn in their success.

Angelina Jolie: She was born when Gemini lagna was rising in the eastern horizon. Saturn happens to be placed in lagna in her horoscope. Venus is placed in the 2nd house; Moon is under the influence of benefic Jupiter. The role of Saturn in the horoscope is clear being a benefic lord (9th lord) placed in the lagna bestowing on her charismatic looks and fan following which she commands till now.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: She was born when Virgo was rising in the eastern horizon. In her case Saturn had most important role to play. Being the benefic 5th lord Saturn is placed in the 10th house (karma sthan). Saturn is aspecting the natal Moon (placed in Sagittarius rashi) bestowing charismatic looks and personality to the individual. The “karakamsha lagna” for her is Virgo and Saturn is placed in the 10th house from Virgo (i.e., in Gemini). This, as per “Jaimini” astrology is the yoga for “apaar prashidhi” (mass following). Hence, it is Saturn which made her a celebrity.

I have worked on the horoscopes of many celebrities including actors, politicians and the like. The common thing in all the horoscopes is well placed or yogakaraka Saturn which made persons popular and bestowed charismatic personality on them.

Now, coming to the discussion of Saturn’s transit in Leo, I have discussed in my earlier article that Saturn’s transit in Leo rashi was the major cause of economic slowdown. Bollywood might be among the worst sufferers of this economic slowdown. Profitability in film making will go down. Producers may incur losses. Stars may have to reduce their professional fees in order to be competitive. Bigger the name the biggest will be their losses. Hence, the year will see new stars challenging the older stars and giving them run for their money.

Since, Saturn sets a new trend, the type and quality of films may also change during the recession and after it. Films associated with high moral values will bounce back in production lines.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak

Dated: 25th February 2009