About us

Astrosagar.com was founded in the month of January 2007 by Mr. Anand Sagar Pathak.

Reason for launch of this site:

The main reason for making this site was to give better services in counseling based upon Astrology, tarot and angel guidance so as to help people in simplifying their life.

Astrology and other occult sciences have been gifted to us by our sages and learned people. It was developed as a tool to help people make their life better by helping them establish faith in God.

Our Goal: Our goal is to give best of our service within specified time, and to help people in resolving their problems by guiding them out of their problem with the help of counseling services and by bringing back faith of God in the life of advice-seekers.

Our Approach towards problems: As our slogan says “Where Spirituality Meets Knowledge” We approach the client’s problems with spirituality and faith. Counseling is done with help of Astrological, Angelic guidance, Goddess guidance or other spiritual method depending upon your case and the choice of counselor.

What makes us different from others? The most distinctive way in which we differ from other sites is by the way we approach the problems. Counseling is done with the help of Astrological and Angelic guidance or other spiritual method depending upon the case and the choice of counselor. The counseling will be spiritual in nature or a mean to get divine help to root out your problems.

Secondly, we follow Vedic tenets in prescribing remedies. We also provide facility for Grah-Shanti Poojan and other remedies as per the prescribed rules in Vedic astrology.

Thirdly, our goal is to deliver the product within the specified time because we understand the value of your time. We take maximum of 3 working days in processing your order.

What satisfies us? Helping our clients by resolving their problems and guiding them towards happiness and growth gives us maximum satisfaction.

Astrosagar.com is very thankful for your constant support and for trusting in our abilities. We promise to deliver our best services always.

Please continue to give us continuous feedback to help us serve you better.